League Of Legends Kindred Figure

Summary: Kindred is a popular and unique champion in the game League of Legends, with an intriguing background and a distinguishable appearance. The Kindred figure is an officially licensed merchandise that serves as a collectible item for fans of the character and the game.

1. Design and Features

The Kindred figure is a high-quality, hand-painted figurine that measures around 6 inches in height. It features the two characters that make up Kindred, Lamb and Wolf, in a dynamic pose that reflects their playstyle in the game. Lamb is depicted with a tranquil expression, holding a bow and quiver of arrows, while Wolf is snarling and baring its teeth, ready to pounce at any moment.

Each character has its own level of detail and accuracy, from the intricate patterns on Lamb’s hood to the texture of Wolf’s fur. The base of the figure is designed to resemble the Summoner’s Rift map, complete with grass, stones, and other environmental elements. The figure comes in a windowed box that showcases the design and offers protection during shipping or storage.

The Kindred figure is a testament to the craftsmanship of the manufacturer, Riot Games Merch. It captures the essence of the champion and brings it to life in a physical form that fans can appreciate and admire.

2. Lore and Background

Kindred is a champion in League of Legends that was released in 2015. As a “marksman jungler,” Kindred is unique in their ability to traverse the map and hunt down enemy champions. However, what sets Kindred apart from other champions is their lore and background story.

According to the game’s official website, Kindred is “an eternal hunter, pursuing and marking those who live and die with a crossbow and a lambent bow.” Lamb represents mercy, while Wolf represents wrath, and together they are a personification of death itself. Kindred is not a force of evil, but rather a natural phenomenon that is ever-present in the world of Runeterra.

This deep and meaningful story behind Kindred’s character is part of what makes them so popular among the League of Legends community. Fans can relate to their themes of mortality, acceptance, and duality, and the Kindred figure serves as a symbol and reminder of those themes.

3. Collectibility and Value

The Kindred figure is not just a decorative item, but also a collectible that holds value for fans of the game and the champion. As an officially licensed merchandise, the figure is produced in limited quantities and may become harder to find or more expensive over time.

One way to gauge the collectibility and value of the Kindred figure is by looking at similar items from Riot Games Merch. For example, a previous figurine release, the Thresh figure, has become a sought-after item that sells for hundreds of dollars on secondary markets like eBay or Amazon.

Of course, the value of any collectible item ultimately depends on the demand and supply within the market. However, the Kindred figure already has a dedicated fanbase and is likely to retain its appeal for years to come.

4. Functionality and Display

The Kindred figure is not just a static display piece, but also has some functionality that adds to its appeal. For example, the base of the figure has a hidden button that activates LED lights, illuminating the characters and creating a dramatic effect. This feature is especially useful for displaying the figure in low-light environments or during nighttime.

The figure can also serve as a reminder or inspiration for players of League of Legends. By keeping the Kindred figure on their desk or shelf, players can draw motivation from the themes and concepts that the champion embodies, whether it’s accepting death, seeking balance, or realizing their potential.

The Kindred figure is also versatile in its display options. It can be placed on a standalone holder that comes with the figure, or integrated into a larger collection or diorama. Fans can get creative with their placement and arrangement of the figure, adding to its value and charm.


The Kindred figure is a must-have item for fans of League of Legends and the unique champion that is Kindred. With its intricate design and high-quality production, the figure captures the essence of the champion and brings it to life in a collectible form. Whether for display, function, or collectibility, the Kindred figure is a great addition to any League of Legends or gaming collection.

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