League Of Legends Meme

Summary: League of Legends memes have become incredibly popular over the years, providing comic relief for players and fans of the game. From champion meme templates to game mechanics gone wrong, the LOL community has found a way to laugh at the struggles and victories of the game.

1. Champion Memes

Champion memes are often created from the personalities and abilities of specific champions. For example, champion Ahri is known for her charm ability that can easily turn an enemy champion, leading to the creation of memes such as “Ahri stole my heart and my LP”. On the other hand, Urgot, a unpopular pick in the game, has become the subject of many self-deprecating memes that poke fun at his low win rate and odd appearance.

The beauty of champion memes is that they often relate directly to the gameplay experience of the player, making them more relatable and enjoyable. Memes like these create a sense of belonging within the League of Legends community who share in the same struggles, whether it be constantly losing to a certain champion or making excuses for why their play isn’t up to par.

2. Game Mechanic Memes

League of Legends is a complex game with many different mechanics and strategies to master. When something goes wrong, players often turn to humor as a coping mechanism. The “Flash + Ignite outplay” meme is a prime example of this; players use the meme to make fun of themselves when they incorrectly time their flash and ignite spells, causing them to miss a kill and/or die in the process.

Another common mechanic-related meme is the “LCS Big Play”. This meme involves showcasing incredibly impressive plays that professional players make during League Championship Series (LCS) matches, and then comparing them to hilarious and utterly ridiculous plays made by regular players.

3. Edits and Crossovers

With the rise of social media and video editing software, League of Legends memes have moved beyond simple images with captions. Players use their creativity to create edited videos and crossover memes that combine LOL with other popular media. For example, a popular meme involves taking clips from the hit TV show The Office and combining them with League of Legends gameplay. The result is a hilarious mashup of two worlds most people wouldn’t think to combine.

Crossover memes like these not only add to the already extensive LOL meme library but also bridge the gap between fans of different pop culture phenomena. This creates a sense of community outside just the realm of LOL, as people who may not typically play or watch LOL can still enjoy the humor the game has inspired.


League of Legends memes provide comic relief and help foster a sense of community within the game. From champion memes to game mechanic memes to crossovers, the LOL community has found endless ways to make each other laugh and bond over shared experiences. With new champions and updates constantly being added to LOL, it’s safe to say the meme library will only continue to grow and evolve in the years to come.

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