League Of Legends Next Patch

League of Legends Next Patch: New Changes to Look Out For

League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer online battle arena game that is constantly evolving. As the game continues to improve with new updates and patches, the fans eagerly await the arrival of the next patch announcement. The LoL patch 11.19 is set to release soon, and players are buzzing with excitement to find out what’s new in the game.

In this article, we’ll dive into the changes for LoL patch 11.19 and what they mean for players.

1. Champion Updates

Champion updates are a crucial aspect of LoL, as they can drastically change gameplay styles and strategies. The next patch will see several champion updates, including changes to Diana, Varus, Gragas, Garen, and more. These changes aim to balance the champions and make them more viable picks in certain situations.

For example, Diana’s Q ability will have a shorter cooldown, making her more effective in combat. Varus will also receive an increase in attack speed, making him more of a threat in team fights. Gragas’ W ability, which increases his damage reduction while drinking, will be replaced with a new ability that allows him to jump over walls, providing better map mobility.

2. Item Adjustments

Item adjustments are another critical element to the game as they can affect a player’s build strategy and playstyle. The upcoming patch will introduce various item adjustments ranging from buffs to nerfs. For instance, Divine Sunderer will receive a nerf to its armor-penetrating abilities, while Gargoyle Stoneplate will receive a buff, causing it to grant bonus health when activated. Furthermore, Mythic items such as Ludens Echo, Kraken Slayer, and Riftmaker will have their effects modified.

These updates aim to create a more balanced and fair gaming experience, by ensuring no item becomes too overpowered or underused.

3. Jungle Changes

Jungle changes are set to alter the way the jungle works in LoL. The patch will introduce new items that can be purchased using Jungle-specific gold and experience points. Moreover, the jungle plants such as blast cones and scryer’s blooms will receive alterations, and the effects of red and blue buffs will also be adjusted.

The new jungle changes aim to provide a more stable income and experience gain for junglers, thus creating a more consistent play style. It will be interesting to see how these changes will affect gameplay.


The upcoming patch for League of Legends is an exciting one, with multiple changes to balance the gameplay further. The champion updates, item adjustments, and jungle changes will all have a significant impact on the gameplay mechanics. Riot Games continues its work towards making LoL a fairer and more balanced game for all its players. As we wait for the arrival of LoL 11.19, fans eagerly anticipate the new changes and how they’ll shift the meta.

In conclusion, the next patch opens up new avenues for players to diversify their playstyle and try out new strategies. It remains to be seen how these changes will impact the game, but one thing is for sure – League of Legends will continue to be a fantastic game filled with action, strategy, and thrill.

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