League Of Legends Squishmallow

League of Legends Squishmallow: The Ultimate Gaming Collectible

If you play League of Legends, then you can understand how deeply attached one can become to their characters, champions, and skins. If you’re a fan, then it is time to rejoice because the creators of Squishmallows have teamed up with Riot Games to bring you the ultimate gaming collectible – League of Legends Squishmallows.

Squishmallows are becoming increasingly popular among both kids and adults. They’re soft and cuddly, and the perfect couch companion for watching movies or playing games. So, what makes this collaboration a must-have for fans of League of Legends? Let’s find out.

1. The Characters

Every League of Legends player has their favorite champion that they fiercely defend and play throughout the game. Summoners are joined by an array of unique and magical characters in the battle arena, ranging from mystical sorceresses to fierce dragons and fighters. Each character in League of Legends has their own unique backstory, set of abilities, and strengths that players aspire to learn and master.

With the League of Legends Squishmallow line, your favorite champion can now be brought to life in real life as a fluffy plush toy. Whether you’re a Yasuo main, or prefer champions like Ahri, Diana, or Kha’Zix, you can now own their corresponding Squishmallow for an extra dose of gaming joy.

2. The Design

Each Squishmallow is designed to look just like its corresponding champion. The design team has put particular care into ensuring that each Squishmallow carries the same feel, aesthetic, and color scheme as the original League of Legends character, giving each one its unique personality.

For example, the Squishmallow based on the champion, Kha’Zix, features his distinctive purple carapace, with carefully painted details to represent the ridges and spikes that cover his body. Diana’s Squishmallow, on the other hand, showcases her iconic moon theme. These details make each Squishmallow a true representation of the characters you love.

3. The Quality

Squishmallows are known for their high-quality material and stitching, giving them their soft and huggable feel. League of Legends Squishmallows are no exception – they are designed to withstand intense gaming sessions and long cuddles. Moreover, every Squishmallow possesses a signature marshmallow-like texture which makes them perfect for snuggling, squishing, or using as an armrest while sitting at your desk.

4. Rarity and Collectability

Riot Games has released only a limited amount of League of Legends Squishmallows. Each Squishmallow is unique to the character it corresponds with, making them highly collectible amongst fans of the game. By collecting every Squishmallow in the line, fans will own a part of the League of Legends world – in plush form.


In conclusion, the League of Legends Squishmallow collection is a perfect buy for both gamers and collectors alike. Owned, squeezed, and loved by devoted Summoners, this exclusive collaboration by Riot Games and Squishmallow proves to be an ultimate combination of beloved gaming culture and adorable plushies. Not only do these fluffy toys show off your love for the game, but they also come in handy when you need to de-stress and relax after an intense win or loss on the battlegrounds. Don’t miss out on one of the cutest and rarest gaming collectibles out there – grab a League of Legends Squishmallow plush today!

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