League Of Legends Talon

League of Legends Talon: The Unseen Blade

League of Legends is one of the most popular online multiplayer battle arena games in the world. With millions of players worldwide, it has become a hub for competitive gaming and strategy building. One of the most powerful champions in this game is Talon, the assassin. In this article, we will be discussing the ins and outs of League of Legends Talon.

1. Introduction to Talon

Talon is one of the assassin-type champions in League of Legends, primarily played in the mid-lane. He is a deadly champion with high burst damage capabilities. He is a melee champion who can deal massive amounts of damage quickly, making him one of the most feared assassins in the game. His abilities are designed to take an enemy by surprise and eliminate them before they can retaliate.

2. Talon’s Abilities

To best utilize Talon, you must understand his abilities. They are as follows:

Passive: Mercy – Whenever an enemy’s health drops below 30%, Talon gains bonus damage.

Q: Noxian Diplomacy – Talon’s next basic attack deals bonus damage and causes the target to bleed. If the target is a champion, Talon heals a percentage of the damage dealt.

W: Rake – Talon throws out knives in a cone in front of him, damaging and slowing all enemies hit. If Talon hits the target twice with the knives, they become silenced.

E: Assassin’s Path – Talon vaults over any terrain, landing with a damaging attack that also slows his surrounding enemies.

R: Shadow Assault – Talon goes Invisible for a few seconds, creating blades that follow his movement path. Upon reappearing, the blades deal massive damage to all nearby enemies.

3. Talon’s Playstyle

Talon is most effective as a roaming champion. You can use his Assassin’s Path ability to quickly traverse the map and take enemies by surprise. Talon’s burst damage makes him particularly dangerous in the early game, where he has the potential to eliminate enemy champions before they can retaliate.

In team fights, Talon should aim for the squishy targets, like mages or marksmen, immediately eliminating them from the battlefield. Talon’s ultimate ability allows him to become Invisible, making it difficult for enemies to track his movements, allowing him to escape after an elimination or evade enemies while waiting for his cooldowns to reset.

Talon is particularly effective in one-on-one battles. You can use your combo of Noxian Diplomacy followed by Rake to deal massive amounts of damage quickly. You should always look for opportunities to strike, both in team fights and small-scale engagements.

4. Talon’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Talon’s strengths stem from his high burst damage capabilities. He can quickly eliminate enemies or cause significant damage before choosing to withdraw from battle. He is particularly potent against squishy targets and those who do not have mobility abilities to evade his attacks.

However, Talon’s weaknesses include his lack of crowd control abilities, making him vulnerable to champions who can stun or slow him down. Additionally, he is weaker in late-game than in his early stages, making it crucial to get ahead early and snowball that advantage.


Talon is one of the deadliest and most popular champions in League of Legends. His high burst damage and mobility make him a fierce opponent, capable of taking on several enemies at once. If you are looking for a champion that can help you dominate games and intimidate your enemies, Talon is the champion for you. However, he does have his weaknesses, and you must be careful when facing certain champions who could exploit them. Ultimately, Talon is an exciting and challenging champion to master, one that any League of Legends player should try at least once.

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