League Of Legends Top Lane Champions

Summary: Top lane is a crucial position in League of Legends and its champions can make or break the game. This article will discuss some of the best top lane champions in the game based on their strengths, weaknesses, and overall popularity among players.

1. Tank Champions

Tank champions excel in absorbing damage and initiating team fights. They have high health pools and are often equipped with crowd control abilities that can turn the tide of a battle. Popular tank champions for top lane include Maokai, Ornn, and Shen.

Maokai’s kit revolves around crowd control and damage reduction. His ultimate ability can slow enemies and deal substantial damage over time while also reducing the damage his allies take. Ornn is another popular pick due to his ability to win trades with his opponents, especially in the early game. He is also equipped with an ultimate ability that knocks up enemies in a line, making him a valuable asset in team fights. Shen is a versatile champion that can be built to fit different playstyles. He has a powerful shield that scales with his maximum health and an ultimate ability that allows him to teleport across the map to shield an ally.

2. Bruiser Champions

Bruisers are melee champions that are more damage-oriented than tanks but still have decent survivability. They often deal physical damage and have a mix of crowd control and mobility abilities. Some of the most popular bruiser champions for top lane include Jax, Darius, and Renekton.

Jax’s kit revolves around his massive damage output and ability to dodge enemy attacks. He is also equipped with a stun and a gap-closing leap that makes him difficult to escape from. Darius is a powerhouse in the top lane due to his devastating ultimate ability and bleed passive that deals significant damage over time. Renekton is a lane bully that can win trades with most other champions in the early game. He also has a stun and a dash that allow him to engage on enemies or escape from danger.

3. Ranged Champions

Ranged champions in the top lane can be formidable opponents due to their ability to harass melee champions from a safe distance. They often deal magic damage and rely on their abilities to poke their enemies down. Popular ranged champions for top lane include Kennen, Jayce, and Teemo.

Kennen is a highly mobile champion that can stun multiple enemies with his ultimate ability. He also has strong poke abilities that make him difficult to approach. Jayce is a hybrid champion that can deal both physical and magic damage. He has a variety of abilities that allow him to poke his opponents down or engage on them with all-in combos. Teemo is a champion that can split push effectively due to his shroom traps that slow and damage enemies. His ability to blind his opponents’ basic attacks also makes him a valuable defensive pick.


In conclusion, each top lane champion has its strengths and weaknesses, and choosing the right one depends on the player’s playstyle and the needs of their team composition. Tank champions are valuable assets in team fights, bruisers are powerful damage dealers, and ranged champions can harass their opponents from a safe distance. Whether you prefer to play aggressively or defensively, there is a top lane champion that can fit your needs and help lead you to victory.

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