League Of Legends Urf Schedule

Summary: League of Legends URF (Ultra Rapid Fire) game mode has been a favorite among fans since its first release in 2014. Every year, Riot Games brings back URF for a limited time, and players eagerly wait for the URF schedule to be announced. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the League of Legends URF schedule.

1. What is URF?

URF (Ultra Rapid Fire) is a game mode in League of Legends where players can enjoy an accelerated and more intense version of the game. All champions have lower cooldowns and increased movement speed, making matches faster and more chaotic than usual. In URF mode, players can spam abilities, quickly clear minion waves, and take down enemy turrets and inhibitors in record time, resulting in shorter but more exciting games.

The URF schedule varies from year to year, but Riot usually brings it back during specific events like April Fools’ Day or anniversary celebrations. URF is a highly anticipated game mode among the League of Legends community, and players look forward to playing it every time it comes back.

2. How to Play URF

To play URF, you need to own a League of Legends account and have the game client installed on your device. Once you log in to the client, you can find the URF game mode in the game selection menu. When URF is available, it will have its own queue, allowing players to join and play with others who are also interested in the game mode.

URF games can be played in teams of five or solo. Players can choose any champion they want, and there are no bans in URF mode. This means that you can pick your favorite champion and have fun with its unique abilities without worrying about getting banned. Since URF games are fast-paced, players need to be quick with their reactions and decision-making to succeed.

3. When is the URF Schedule?

The URF schedule varies from year to year and depends on Riot Games’ calendar of events. URF is often released during April Fools’ Day celebrations or special anniversary events, which means that the dates can change every year. In 2021, URF was released in March as part of the game’s 11th-anniversary celebration. Riot usually announces URF’s return through its official social media channels and website, so make sure to follow their updates to stay updated on upcoming game modes.

When URF becomes available, it usually lasts for about two weeks before being removed from the game selection menu. This means that players have a limited amount of time to enjoy this fast-paced game mode before it’s gone. However, since URF comes back every year, fans can look forward to playing it again in future events.


URF is a beloved game mode in League of Legends that offers players an adrenaline-fueled and exciting gameplay experience. While the URF schedule varies from year to year, Riot Games usually brings back this game mode during specific events or celebrations. Players eagerly anticipate URF’s return every year and enjoy their limited time playing this accelerated version of the game. Make sure to follow Riot Games’ official social media accounts and website to stay updated on upcoming game modes and events.

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