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Summary: Vel’Koz is a powerful and unique champion in League of Legends. As an Alien from the Void, he is known for his high burst damage and long-range abilities. In this article, we will explore Vel’Koz’s background story, his abilities, strengths, weaknesses, strategies, and tactics.

1. Background Story

Vel’Koz is a feared creature from the Void, who was originally sent to the world of Runeterra to gather intelligence and knowledge for the mysterious creatures that reside in the abyss. He is a curious being who seeks to understand how the world works by observing and dissecting everything that comes in his way. Unlike most Void creatures, Vel’Koz does not seek destruction, but rather knowledge and understanding.

However, his curiosity has led him to conflict with the people of Runeterra, especially the Champions who stand in his path. Despite his peaceful intentions, Vel’Koz is often feared and despised by the people he encounters, due to his unsettling appearance and his relentless pursuit of knowledge.

As an alien from another dimension, Vel’Koz is unlike any other Champion in League of Legends. His unique traits come from both his origin as a Void creature and his abilities as a Magus. These characteristics make him a fearsome foe for any player who crosses his path.

2. Abilities

Vel’Koz’s abilities are highly versatile, making him capable of dealing high amounts of damage and crowd control from a safe distance. His abilities are as follows:

Plasma Fission: Passively deals bonus magic damage on every third basic attack. When activated, creates a bolt of energy that deals magic damage and splits, creating two additional bolts that deal reduced damage.

Void Rift: Deploys a rift that after 0.5 seconds, explodes, dealing magic damage in an area.

Tectonic Disruption: Sends out a wave of energy that deals magic damage and knocks up enemies hit.

Life Form Disintegration Ray: Channels a beam of energy that deals massive damage over time to all enemies in a line.

Vel’Koz’s passive enhances his basic attacks, making him a formidable foe in the early game. His Q and E are long-range abilities that can deal damage and crowd control enemies, while his ultimate (R) allows him to unleash a devastating beam that can melt through enemy teams.

3. Strengths

Vel’Koz has numerous strengths that make him a popular pick for players who want to take control of their games. Some of Vel’Koz’s key strengths include:

Long-range abilities: Vel’Koz’s Q and E are both relatively long-ranged abilities that allow him to poke and harass enemies from a safe distance. This makes him a good pick against champions who lack range, or who are vulnerable to crowd control.

Burst Damage: Vel’Koz’s ultimate (R) is capable of dealing massive damage to enemy teams, especially if they are clumped together. Even without his ultimate, Vel’Koz’s abilities have high base damage, making him a threat even in the early game.

Crowd Control: Vel’Koz’s E ability knocks up enemies, making him a valuable asset in team fights. Additionally, his Q can slow enemies, allowing his team to follow up with additional crowd control and damage.

4. Weaknesses

While Vel’Koz is a powerful champion, he does have weaknesses that can be exploited by enemy teams. Some of these weaknesses include:

Low mobility: With no dashes or blinks, Vel’Koz can struggle when being targeted by enemies, especially assassins who can quickly close the gap. Players must be careful to position themselves correctly, as they do not have an escape mechanism if caught out.

Fragile: Vel’Koz is also relatively easy to kill, as he has low health and armor. This makes him vulnerable to focused attacks from enemy teams. Players must be careful when choosing their engages, and avoid overextending without proper vision or protection from their team.

Mana-dependent: Vel’Koz’s abilities all require significant amounts of mana, making him vulnerable in extended fights or if he runs out of mana. Players must be careful to manage their mana effectively, and consider building mana items or runes to offset this weakness.

5. Strategies and Tactics

When playing as Vel’Koz, players must be mindful of their positioning and team composition. Some effective strategies and tactics include:

Poke and Harass: Using Vel’Koz’s Q and E abilities to poke and harass enemies from afar, while avoiding any potential counter-attacks.

Crowd Control: Coordinating with teammates to chain together crowd control effects, such as Vel’Koz’s E ability, with other hard crowd control effects like stuns or knockups.

Ultimate Combos: Pairing Vel’Koz’s ultimate (R) with other abilities such as Amumu’s Q (Bandage Toss) or Malphite’s ultimate (Unstoppable Force) can lead to devastating team fights.

Split Pushing: With proper vision and map awareness, Vel’Koz can take down towers and inhibitors quickly with his high damage output. This strategy works best when the enemy team is distracted elsewhere on the map.


Vel’Koz is a powerful champion with a unique background story, abilities and strengths and weaknesses. Understanding these attributes is key to effectively playing and against him. Players who capitalize on his strengths, limit his weaknesses, and use proper strategies and tactics can dominate their opponents in League of Legends.

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