Legacy Run Star Wars

Legacy Run: A New Star Wars Experience

The Star Wars universe has been one of the most impactful and globally recognized franchises in the entertainment industry for years. Its lore, characters, and storylines have captivated audiences young and old, leading to various adaptations, merchandise, and media. As part of the franchise’s drive to engage with fans, Lucasfilm Games and Electronic Arts announced a new addition to the world of Star Wars games. This addition is none other than Legacy Run, a brand-new starship that will play a major role in the upcoming game set in the High Republic era.

1. What is Legacy Run?

Legacy Run is a starship that takes place 200 years before the era of Skywalker saga. This massive vessel is capable of transporting thousands of people and has been tasked with delivering supplies, goods, and passengers safely to far-flung regions of the galaxy. The ship is equipped with all the necessary utilities, including hyperdrives, communication systems, and weapon systems to defend itself against any potential danger. The ship got its name from its initial mission to deliver supplies to the legacy worlds (which were destroyed by a disaster).

2. Legacy Run in the High Republic Era

In the upcoming game for Star Wars: The High Republic, Legacy Run plays a vital role. The game is set only a few hundred years after the events of the original trilogy, during a time when the Republic is undergoing significant changes. You play as a Jedi Padawan caught up in an unprecedented conflict between the Jedi Order, the Drengir, and the Nihil. The Padawan is assigned to the Legacy Run to investigate a strange occurrence on board the vessel, which ultimately leads to an epic adventure.

3. The Impact of Legacy Run on Fans

Fans are eagerly awaiting this new addition to the Star Wars legendary starship collection. The Legacy Run’s lore and backstory have already stoked the fires of excitement within the Star Wars community. Fans love seeing new additions to the franchise, particularly in games, which allows us to experience the universe in a more interactive way. Legacy Run, with its exciting role in the upcoming game, promises to deliver a new and unique Star Wars gaming experience.


Star Wars has been one of the most culturally significant franchises across various media in recent years. The introduction of the Legacy Run into the Star Wars High Republic era is a massive addition to the franchise, as it adds new story elements, lore, and a brand new vessel. With their latest game set to be released soon, the Legacy Run promises to be an exciting feature that will keep fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter of the Star Wars legacy. As we move closer to the release of the game and the starship’s introduction, expectations continue to rise. Hopefully, the Legacy Run lives up to all that it promises. May the Force be with you!

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