Lego Star Wars Lobot

Lego Star Wars Lobot: The Ultimate Guide

Star Wars fans worldwide have always been in love with the Lego Star Wars series. No wonder, considering that they allow us to explore the galaxy far, far away in an entirely new and exciting way. One of the most memorable characters of the Star Wars universe, Lobot, has also been immortalized in Lego form. Here’s a complete guide to the Lego Star Wars Lobot minifigure.

1. Who is Lobot?

Lobot is a character from the Star Wars saga who made his appearance in ‘The Empire Strikes Back.’ He is an associate of Lando Calrissian and helps him in operating and managing Cloud City. Lobot is known for his signature cyborg implants that enhance his mental capabilities. He gets his name from “lobotomy,” a surgical procedure known for reducing violent or aggressive behavior.

2. Overview of Lego Star Wars Lobot Minifigure

Lego released the Lobot minifigure as part of the Cloud City set 75222 in 2018. The set comprises a buildable section of Cloud City, including various rooms like a carbon-freezing chamber, dining room, and interrogation room, among others. The minifigure stands approximately two inches tall and captures Lobot’s appearance accurately.

The minifigure features several intricate details that make it stand out. Lobot’s cyborg implants are well-crafted and have a distinctive look that differentiates them from the other minifigs. The minifigure wears a blue jumpsuit, which is typical of the Cloud City theme. Lobot’s hairpiece features his bald head, and his signature cybernetic implants are exclusive to the minifig.

3. Building and Playability

The minifigure comes included in the Cloud City set, so it requires building. The set offers numerous builds for collectors to enjoy, including the aforementioned interrogation room and carbon-freezing chamber.

Lobot’s unique design in the minifigure form allows for excellent playability. Kids and adults alike can recreate scenes from the ‘Empire Strikes Back’ or let their imagination run wild. Pairing Lobot with other minifigures from the Cloud City set expands the possibilities for fans of Lego Star Wars.

4. Where to Get It

Lego Star Wars Lobot minifigure is only available as part of the Cloud City set 75222. It is available at Lego Stores, online, and select retailers.

5. Conclusion

To wrap it up, Lego Star Wars Lobot is a fantastic addition to any collection. Star Wars fans worldwide can now add this minifigure to their collections and expand their knowledge of the Star Wars Universe. The Cloud City set delivers great value and includes several iconic rooms from the classic film. Acquiring Lobot can be a bit of a challenge, but it is well worth it for anyone who wants to complete their minifigure lineup or add to their Star Wars collection. May the force be with you!

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