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Minecraft Story Mode is a video game based on the popular sandbox building game, Minecraft. Hadrian is one of the main antagonists in the game. He is the leader of the Old Order of Builders, a group of skilled builders who created many impressive structures throughout the land. This article will delve into Hadrian’s character and story arc within Minecraft Story Mode.

1. Hadrian’s Backstory

Hadrian was once a member of the Old Order of Builders, a group of skilled builders who created many impressive structures throughout the Minecraft world. However, he became power-hungry and manipulative, leading to him eventually becoming the leader of the group. His thirst for power led him down a dark path, causing him to become ruthless and cruel. He began to view everyone outside of his group as inferior and weak, often belittling them for not being able to build at the level of his own group.

Hadrian’s backstory is an interesting look into what can happen when someone allows their ambition to overtake their morals. It shows that even those with good intentions can be corrupted when given too much power. Hadrian’s history also demonstrates how sometimes those who start out on the right path can end up making terrible decisions that hurt those around them.

Overall, Hadrian’s backstory adds depth to his character and helps the player understand why he acts the way he does throughout the game.

2. Hadrian’s Personality

Hadrian is a complex character with a multifaceted personality. On one hand, he is extremely intelligent and cunning, able to manipulate others to do his bidding. He is also a skilled builder, able to create massive structures with ease. However, he is also selfish and arrogant, believing that his skills are superior to everyone else’s. He looks down on those who are not part of the Old Order of Builders and often belittles them for not having the same level of skill as his group.

Despite his cruel nature, Hadrian does have moments of vulnerability. He is shown to care for his fellow members of the Old Order of Builders, even if his care for them is often overshadowed by his ambition. This duality of character makes Hadrian a fascinating antagonist, as he is not simply a one-dimensional villain but instead is a complex and nuanced character.

Overall, Hadrian’s personality adds depth to his character and helps to make Minecraft Story Mode a more engaging experience for players.

3. The Role of Hadrian in the Plot

Hadrian plays a pivotal role in the plot of Minecraft Story Mode. As the leader of the Old Order of Builders, he is responsible for many of the game’s main conflicts. He acts as an antagonist to the player, constantly trying to thwart their progress and undermine their efforts to defeat him and his group. In addition, Hadrian’s actions throughout the game reveal the dark underbelly of the Minecraft world, showing players that not everyone is as kind and helpful as they may seem.

Despite his antagonistic role, Hadrian is also integral to the game’s story. His actions cause the player to question their own motives and actions, forcing them to consider whether or not they are actually the heroes they thought they were. Hadrian’s character arc also provides players with a sense of catharsis, as they finally defeat him and his group, bringing about justice and closure.

Overall, Hadrian’s role in Minecraft Story Mode is essential to the game’s plot and helps to elevate it from a simple sandbox building game to a more complex and nuanced experience.


In conclusion, Hadrian is a fascinating character in the world of Minecraft Story Mode. His backstory, personality, and role in the game’s plot all serve to make him one of the most memorable antagonists in recent video game history. Through his actions, players are shown that there is more to the Minecraft world than meets the eye and are forced to confront their own beliefs and values. Minecraft Story Mode may be just a video game, but its exploration of complex themes and nuanced characters shows how much the medium has evolved over the years.

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