Mount Diablo Football

Exploring the Rich History and Future of Mount Diablo Football

Mount Diablo football is one of the most cherished names in the history of California high school football. The school has produced a number of talented footballers, who have gone on to represent their state and the country at various levels. Over the years, Mount Diablo has seen its ups and downs, but one thing that has remained constant is the unflinching support of its fans and alumni. In this article, we delve into the rich history of Mount Diablo football, the present state of the program, and its future potential.

The Beginnings of Mount Diablo Football

Although the exact date of the first football match played by Mount Diablo High School is unclear, records show that the team participated in the Contra Costa County League by 1926. The team enjoyed moderate success over the next two decades, with notable wins over teams like Liberty High School and Alhambra High School.

In the late 1940s and early 1950s, Mount Diablo football experienced a golden era. The team won several league titles, including undefeated seasons in 1950 and 1955. The 1955 team, led by coach Jim McCracken, went on to win the North Coast Section championship, a historic achievement that still resonates with the school’s community today.

The Recent Past and Present of Mount Diablo Football

Mount Diablo football hit a rough patch in the 1980s and 1990s, struggling to compete against stronger opponents. However, the team bounced back in the early 2000s under the guidance of coach Cecil Brown. The team won a league title in 2001 and continued to be competitive until Brown’s retirement in 2010.

In recent years, the team has struggled to find consistent success on the field. Since 2010, the team has only won two games in a season once and endured a winless 2018 campaign. However, there are early signs of a resurgence under first-year coach Jordan Seiden.

Under Seiden’s leadership, the team recorded its first winning season since 2014 in 2019, finishing with a respectable 6-5 record. The team showed glimpses of potential throughout the season and earned a berth in the North Coast Section playoffs.

The Future of Mount Diablo Football

The future of Mount Diablo football holds promise. With a new head coach in Seiden, the program has a fresh start and renewed optimism. Seiden has shown that he can build a competitive team through his work at Oakland High School, where he led the team to two league titles and a playoff appearance.

The program is also investing in its facilities, with plans for a new stadium and practice fields currently underway. This new infrastructure will provide the team with the resources it needs to compete at the highest level.


Mount Diablo football has a rich history filled with moments of triumph and struggle. The program has produced some of the finest football players in California’s history and continues to be a beloved institution for the school’s community. Despite recent struggles, there are promising signs for the future of Mount Diablo football. With a new head coach and state-of-the-art facilities on the horizon, the program has the potential to return to its former glory.

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