Octopath Traveler Vinyl

Summary: Octopath Traveler, the popular role-playing video game, has now released its official vinyl soundtrack. This article discusses the features, tracks, and overall design of this release.

1. Vinyl Packaging

The Octopath Traveler vinyl comes in a beautiful package that showcases the game’s unique art style. The cover art depicts a detailed illustration featuring all playable characters. The back of the package includes a tracklist and an image of the main protagonist, Olberic.

Inside the package, you will find a thick black sleeve with two transparent pockets for each record. On one side, the vinyl contains an etching of the game’s logo. The sleeves feature unique portraits of all eight heroes, and the vinyl is pressed onto high-quality 180g orange and purple discs.

The quality of the packaging is truly exceptional, and it feels like a collector’s item. Everything is well-crafted and thought out, making it appealing for gamers and vinyl collectors alike.

2. Music Tracks

The Octopath Traveler vinyl release features a selection of 4 LPs, containing 89 tracks from the original game’s score. The vinyl contains various musical genres, including orchestral, choral, and rock. Each track is composed to reflect each hero’s personality, and the music is a mix of upbeat and somber tones, all conveying an epic adventure.

The tracks on the vinyl are from the original game and the bonus arrangements that came with the special edition. Listeners can find melody-driven songs that stick in their heads for days. Rebelling Blades, Decisive Battle II, and Primrose’s Theme are some of the vinyl’s most notable tracks.

Overall, the musical score is well-crafted, and each track captures the game’s essence. Listeners who are passionate about video game music or anime soundtracks will find it particularly captivating.

3. Limited Edition

The Octopath Traveler vinyl is a limited edition, with only 3000 copies available worldwide. The exclusive nature of the release means that it may become more valuable in the future, making it an excellent investment for vinyl collectors and gamers alike. As an added bonus, the first 200 people to pre-order also received an exclusive lithograph print featuring more stunning artwork from Octopath Traveler.

The vinyl itself is high-quality, ensuring it will last for years to come. The packaging is also durable, so it will remain in pristine condition even after repeated use. Owning this limited edition copy ensures fans have a slice of the game to hold on to, add to their collection, and enjoy.

Overall, the limited edition aspect of the vinyl makes it an attractive purchase for collectors, and it might be an essential grab for all fans of Octopath Traveler.

4. Critic Reviews

The Octopath Traveler vinyl has garnered positive reviews from critics and keepers alike. Many praised the vinyl for its incredible quality, beautiful packaging design, and exceptional music tracks that made a perfect complement to the visual artistry of the game.

Several reviews also highlighted the diversity of the music tracks and how it highlights the game’s variety. Critics found that it was perfect for fans of video game music or anyone who appreciates orchestral scores with awe-inspiring choral songs thrown in.

The gaming community widely accepted this release as one of the best gaming vinyl released in recent times. Here we have a genre-defining release made for both gamers and vinyl collectors alike.


The Octopath Traveler vinyl is one of the best-received gaming vinyl releases of recent times. It is a limited edition collection that has captured the music, artistic style, and adventure of this famous game. The album features 89 tracks from epic orchestral scores to compelling choral songs. The unique art style of the game is captured in the packaging, making it incredible for collectors. Fans of video game music and anime soundtracks will enjoy this release with its diverse musical genres; the Octopath Traveler vinyl is a must-buy for all fans of the game.

Lastly, if you are looking for an excellent collector’s item or a high-quality gaming vinyl release, the Octopath Traveler vinyl is an exceptional choice. It offers more than just music but encapsulates the game’s adventure that inspired this vinyl’s production.

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