Oklahoma Highland Games

Summary: The Oklahoma Highland Games is an annual event that showcases Scottish culture through traditional games and athletic competitions.

1. History and Significance

The Oklahoma Highland Games, which began in 1976, is a celebration of Scottish heritage and culture that is held annually in Tulsa. Like other highland games festivals around the world, the Oklahoma Highland Games features a variety of events and competitions that highlight traditional Scottish sports such as caber tossing, sheaf tossing, and hammer throwing. It also includes pipe and drum competitions, traditional Scottish dance performances, food stalls, and cultural exhibitions.

For many attendees, the event serves as an opportunity to connect with their Scottish roots, and to learn more about Scottish history and traditions. Through these games and competitions, visitors gain an appreciation for the resilience, strength, and indomitable spirit of the Scottish people. Many also celebrate the Scottish-American connection, as Scots have had a significant influence on American history and culture, particularly in the fields of literature, music, and politics.

2. Athletic Competitions

One of the main attractions of the Oklahoma Highland Games is the athletic competitions, which draw participants from all over the world. These competitions are designed to test the endurance, strength, and skill of the athletes, who compete in three categories: heavy athletics, light athletics, and master’s athletics.

Heavy athletics include events such as caber tossing, weight throwing, and stone putting, while light athletics include running, jumping, and other forms of speed and agility testing. Master’s athletics is for athletes over the age of 40, and features events that are adapted to suit the abilities and strengths of older athletes.

3. Music and Dance Performances

The Oklahoma Highland Games also features a range of music and dance performances, which showcase traditional Scottish culture. Bagpipes and drums are a major feature of the festival, and many pipe bands from across America and Canada participate in the event’s pipe and drum competitions. Additionally, the games feature Scottish highland dancing, which involves choreographed solo and group dances that are performed in tartan kilts. These dances have been an integral part of Scottish cultural heritage for hundreds of years and were used as a way for Scottish soldiers to maintain their fitness and morale during long battles.


The Oklahoma Highland Games is a celebration of Scottish heritage and culture that attracts thousands of visitors each year. Through athletic competitions, music and dance performances, and cultural exhibitions, the festival provides an opportunity for attendees to appreciate the strength, resilience, and indomitable spirit of the Scottish people.

Whether you have a connection to Scottish culture or simply enjoy the energy and excitement of highland games, the Oklahoma Highland Games is an event that is not to be missed.

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