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Summary: Peyton Reed is an American film director, best known for directing the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie Ant-Man. Recently, there have been rumors swirling around that Reed may be joining the Star Wars universe. In this article, we will discuss the potential for Reed to direct a Star Wars film and what that could mean for the franchise.

1. Peyton Reed’s Directing Style

Peyton Reed has a unique style of directing that primarily focuses on humor and character development. Reed is a fan of classic cinema, which is reflected in the style of his films. He is also known for his ability to balance serious moments with lighthearted ones.

Reed’s previous work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has shown that he is capable of handling large franchises with multiple characters and complex storylines. This experience could prove invaluable if Reed were to take on a Star Wars film, which typically includes a large ensemble cast and intertwining storylines.

It should be noted that while Reed does have a distinctive directorial style, he is also a collaborative filmmaker who values input from the actors and crew. This willingness to work with others could translate well into the collaborative filmmaking process used in Star Wars.

2. Reed’s Experience with Franchise Filmmaking

While Peyton Reed has been involved in numerous television shows and movies over the years, his most significant contribution has been to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Reed directed both Ant-Man and its follow-up, Ant-Man and the Wasp.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a massive franchise that spans several movies and TV shows, and Reed was able to seamlessly integrate his movies into the larger narrative. He worked closely with other directors, producers, and writers to make sure that his films fit within the overall continuity of the franchise.

This experience could be beneficial if Reed were to direct a Star Wars film. The Star Wars universe is similarly large and complex, with multiple movies, TV shows, books, and comics all telling different parts of the same story. A director who understands the intricacies of franchise filmmaking would undoubtedly be an asset to the Star Wars team.

3. Reed’s Love of Star Wars

Peyton Reed has made it clear that he is a massive fan of Star Wars. In various interviews, Reed has discussed his love for the franchise and how much it means to him personally. This passion could translate into a deeply personal, authentic, and faithful interpretation of the galaxy far, far away.

A director who is genuinely invested in the story they are telling can often bring out the best in the actors and crew, creating a sense of unity and shared purpose on set. If Reed were to direct a Star Wars movie, his passion for the franchise would undoubtedly inspire others and lead to a more creative, innovative product.

Additionally, Reed’s experience as a lifelong Star Wars fan would give him an intimate knowledge of the source material that could be invaluable when adapting new stories or characters. His familiarity with the franchise could also help ensure that any new entries into the series feel like authentic additions to the larger narrative.

4. Reed’s Collaborative Nature

Peyton Reed is known for his collaborative nature and his willingness to work with actors and crew members to create the best possible product. This approach has served him well in the past, as his films have been praised for their performances and character development.

The Star Wars franchise requires a similar collaborative approach since it involves many different artists and professionals coming together to create a unified vision. Directors who are willing to work closely with other filmmakers, writers, and actors can help create a more cohesive story that feels like a true collaborative effort.

In this way, Reed’s collaborative nature could make him an ideal fit for the Star Wars universe. By working collaboratively with others, he would be able to create a film that fits within the larger framework of the franchise while still showcasing his directorial style and personal touch.


Peyton Reed’s experience with franchises, his collaborative nature, and his passion for Star Wars all make him an intriguing candidate to direct a Star Wars movie. While nothing has been confirmed yet, the rumors surrounding Reed’s potential involvement in the franchise suggest that he could be bringing his unique style and sensibilities to the galaxy far, far away.

It remains to be seen whether these rumors will pan out, but if Reed were to direct a Star Wars film, it could be an exciting addition to the franchise. His ability to balance humor and character development, his experience with complex franchise filmmaking, and his love of the source material all make him a compelling choice for the position.

Ultimately, whether or not Reed directs a Star Wars film, his well-earned reputation as a skilled filmmaker makes him someone to watch in the years to come.

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