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Summary: League of Legends’ pick system plays a vital role in determining the fate of matches. The drafting phase is an integral part of the game that can dictate victory or defeat. This article will discuss the importance of League of Legends’ pick phase, how it works, and some essential strategies for mastering it.

1. Understanding the Pick Phase

The pick phase in League of Legends occurs before each match. During the lottery phase, each team takes turns selecting champions from a roster of over 140 characters. Each player chooses a champion to play in the game, with unique roles such as tank, support, damage dealer, or assassin. Players can also ban their opponents’ champions, eliminating them from the selection pool.

The selection order varies depending on the mode being played. In a traditional draft, one team chooses a champion, followed by the other team. However, there are other modes such as blind pick, where both teams can choose the same champions. Understanding the pick phase is essential to winning games, as it allows you to adjust your strategy according to your opponents’ selections.

2. Strategies for the Pick Phase

A few techniques can significantly improve your chances of winning during the pick phase. The first is to focus on your core champions. These are the champions that you are best at playing, which you should prioritize selecting. You should try to select your main champions early in the draft, as this may force your opponents into picking suboptimal or weaker champions.

It’s also crucial to be aware of your opponents’ bans and picks. If they have banned a specific champion, it means they perceive it as a threat to their strategy. On the other hand, if they choose a particular champion early in the draft, it may reveal part of their overall plan, giving you the chance to counter-pick. Be mindful of your opponents’ choices and plan accordingly.

3. Picking for Team Composition

Picking champions that complement each other’s strengths is crucial for success in League of Legends. A team with a well-balanced composition will generally perform better than one with imbalanced composition. When picking champions, consider their roles and how they can work together to achieve objectives.

You should also think about the larger meta-game when making selections. Certain champions may be particularly strong in a particular patch or game update. Keeping up with the latest changes in the game through patch notes and updates can provide insights into which champions are optimal for winning games.


The selection phase of League of Legends is often overlooked by new players, but it can be a deciding factor in matches. Understanding the basics of the pick phase, developing strategies for selecting champions, and thinking about team composition can all contribute to achieving victory. Mastering the draft phase requires experience and practice, but investing time in improving your selection skills can significantly increase your chances of winning matches.

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