Pubg Free Skins

Summary: In PUBG, skins are a popular way to personalize your characters and weapons, but they can be pricey. With these tips and tricks, you can get free skins in PUBG without spending any cash.

1. Daily Login Rewards

One way to get free skins in PUBG is by logging in every day. The game’s Daily Login Rewards program gives players a new reward for each consecutive day they log in. After seven days, players receive the “Weekly Crate” which contains cosmetic items like clothing, backpacks, and weapon skins.

To take advantage of this program, make sure to log in to the game every day, even if you don’t have time to play a full match. After seven days, you’re guaranteed to receive at least one free skin.

It’s worth noting that the rewards reset every month, so if you miss a day or two, you won’t lose your progress entirely.

2. Participate in Events

PUBG offers regular events where players can earn special rewards for completing specific tasks or winning matches. These events often feature unique skins that can’t be acquired in other ways.

To find out about upcoming events, check the game’s official website, social media pages, or in-game announcements. Some events require players to register or opt-in beforehand, so make sure to read the instructions carefully before participating.

Keep in mind that events are often time-limited, so don’t wait too long to jump in and start playing. The earlier you start, the more time you’ll have to complete the tasks and earn your rewards.

3. Twitch Drops

If you watch PUBG streams on Twitch, you can earn free skins through the game’s Twitch Drops program. To participate, link your Twitch and PUBG accounts, and then watch designated streams during specific events.

While watching, keep an eye out for a pop-up message that says you’ve earned a Twitch Drop. After the event is over, the skins will be automatically added to your account.

To increase your chances of earning Twitch Drops, try watching multiple streams at once, or watch the same streamer for extended periods of time. Just make sure to have your accounts linked beforehand.

4. Join a Clan

In addition to being a great way to meet new people and play with friends, joining a clan in PUBG can also earn you free skins. Clans often host events or competitions with prizes like skins, crates, and other cosmetic items.

To find a clan, check out the game’s official forums, social media pages, or subreddit. You can also ask your in-game friends if they know of any active clans looking for new members.

Once you’ve joined a clan, pay attention to announcements or events they host. Participating in these events can not only earn you free skins, but also help you level up your skills by playing with experienced players.

5. Use a Skin Trading Website

If you have duplicate skins or items that you don’t want, consider using a skin trading website to exchange them for ones you do. These websites work by connecting players who are looking to trade skins, and allow you to browse other players’ inventories to find items you’re interested in.

Some skin trading websites charge fees or take a commission on trades, so make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before using one. Also, be careful when trading with other players, as scams and frauds are common on these sites.

Always use a reputable, trusted site, and never give out your personal information or payment details to someone you don’t know and trust.


While it can be tempting to spend real money on PUBG skins, there are plenty of ways to get them for free. By logging in daily, participating in events, watching Twitch streams, joining a clan, and using skin trading websites, you can build an impressive collection of skins without breaking the bank. Just remember to be patient, follow the rules, and stay safe while pursuing your virtual fashion goals.

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