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“Rainbow Six Siege” is a popular tactical shooter game that has gained widespread acclaim over the years. This action title is famous for its skins, and today we will take a deep dive into the Rarest Skins in R6. The R6s skins have become one of the most sought-after commodities in online gaming and for good reason. These skins allow players to show off their unique and stylish personalities while playing. In this article, we will walk through some of the rarest R6 skins and explore what makes them so special.

1. Elite Skins

Elite Skins are considered some of the rarest and most prestigious skins in R6. The elite skin usually comes as a bundle made up of weapon skins, operator headgears, uniforms and charms. These skins are different from other skins in that Ubisoft, the developer of R6s, creates an animation for each elite skin that’s special to every operator. One of the most popular elite skins was the Pro League S1MIRA Bundle designed for the Operator Mira, which also features a unique victory animation.

Each elite skin also offers unique visual effects such as visualisations or sparkles when players kill an opponent. The elite skins bundle typically costs 1800 R6 credits, making it challenging to acquire for the average player. Some of the most coveted elite skins include the Blackbeard Navy SEALs outfit, the Ash Sidewinder, and the Pulse Dust Line gear.

It’s also worth noting that elite skins are operator-specific, making each elite skin dependent on an operator.

2. Glacier Weapon Skins

The Glacier weapon skin is another rare skin, but unlike the elite skins, they were limited edition skins that Ubisoft gave to players who participated in the game’s beta version. The Glacier skins have become one of the rarest skins in R6 and can no longer be obtained through regular gameplay or purchases.

The Glacier skin was a limited edition reward for those whose participated in the game’s beta testing phase but has since been removed. This means that unless players took part in the beta testing phase, they would never be able to obtain the Glacier skin. Players with this skin often flaunt their status, knowing that they are one of the few who received it and it will never be made available again.

It’s worth noting that in 2020, more than five years after the release of the game, there could still be Glacier skins lurking undiscovered in the game files.

3. Pro League Sets Skins

Pro League set skins were introduced in Year One, as a gesture to highlight and attract competitive teams to take part in R6 competitive games. The skin is updated annually to feature an exclusive design and set of items to offer better value for fans and players.

These sets include visual effects when performing specific actions like defuser planting or getting a successful kill. Ubisoft has committed to delivering one full set every year, with the aim of providing players with sets tailored to their favorite operators. The Pro League Sets skins are a perfect example of R6’s consistent effort in providing unique content for its community to enjoy. Some of the most popular skins include Hibana’s x-Kairos Arsenal, Buck’s Skeleton Key, and Montagne’s Tier 5 Shield.

But just like the elite skins, the Pro League Skins are only available for a set amount of time, often three months. After the three-month period, these skins are no longer available for purchase, making them one of the rarest skins available in R6.

4. Legendary Skins

The “Legendary” R6 skins live up to their name, and just like the Elite Skins, Ubisoft spends a lot of time creating them. These skins often feature unique weapon designs with fantastic skin tints. They are one of the most challenging skins to obtain in the game, making them rare.

Ubisoft often releases legendary skins for a specific operator or weapon, making some more highly sought after than others. Some of the most expensive and coveted legendary skins include Thermite’s Ashen Skies, Mira’s Dark Web, and Dokkaebi’s Druidic Mystery.

One of the most noteworthy things about these Legendary R6 skins is that they often have a different rarity classification, with some rated as “Mythic” and “Epic” to distinguish them from the average Legendary skins.

5. Halloween Event Skins

Halloween skins are yet another special type of skin that’s only obtainable during specific Halloween event periods. The Halloween skins are some of the rarest cosmetic skins in R6 that players can acquire. The skins are unique, with a spooky/disturbing theme.

Some famous Halloween skins are Valkyrie’s Ghoul Skin, Frost’s Frankenskin, and Buck’s Lycanthropy bark. The Halloween skins usually expire a few days after the event period has ended, making them a rare and valuable cosmetic item.

It’s also worth noting that obtaining Halloween skins can be a bit tricky, as they are obtainable by purchasing Alpha packs. So, players need to be willing to take their chances or buy the skins via R6 credits.


In conclusion, R6 features some of the most beautiful skins in the gaming industry, and the skins’ rarity only adds to their appeal. Often, this cosmetic item brings back players who have moved on to other games or have taken a break, making the skins more desirable and valuable over time. The Elite Skins, Glacier Weapon Skins, Pro League Sets Skins, Legendary Skins, and Halloween Event skins are some of the rarest and most sought after skins in R6, but it’s worth noting that Ubisoft frequently releases new skins and styles in the game for players to enjoy.

Ubisoft has always been committed to updating the game regularly with new content to ensure that the gaming experience remains fresh and exciting for every player. So players can continue to expect add new skins to the game, providing more opportunities for gamers to add to their collection of rare cosmetic items.

Last but not least, it’s essential not to forget that skins don’t improve in-game performance, so while they look great, they don’t give players an advantage. Obtaining these “rarest” skins is a matter of choice, and the value players place on them is entirely subjective.

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