Rated Battleground Ladder


In World of Warcraft, rated battlegrounds are a competitive PvP mode that allows players to compete against each other in teams to climb the ladder and earn rewards. The rated battleground ladder is an important aspect of this game mode as it determines the ranking of teams and individuals involved in the competition. In this article, we will delve deeper into what the rated battleground ladder is and how it functions.

1. How the Rated Battleground Ladder Works

The rated battleground ladder is essentially a ranking system that tracks individual and team standings based on their performance in rated battleground matches. The higher the team or individual’s rating means the better their standing on the ladder and the more rewards they are eligible for.

Players can access the ladder from the PvP tab in the game’s interface. This ladder is divided into several tiers, each with a set number of teams present on them. The top teams present on the ladder move to higher tiers when they gain enough points and push out lower-ranked teams.

In the rated battlegrounds ladder, players earn rating points by winning matches and lose points if they lose a match. The amount of rating points awarded or deducted depends on the rating difference between the two teams. Favored teams earn fewer points than unfavored teams if they win, and vice versa.

The number of points awarded to players increases as they progress through the different tiers of the ladder, which subsequently increases the difficulty of each match.

2. Rewards for Climbing the Rated Battleground Ladder

The rated battleground ladder offers lucrative rewards for those who perform well in the competition. The primary rewards come in the form of achievements, titles, cosmetic items, and high-tier gear sets. Players can earn unique mounts exclusive to those who rank high in the ladder. Players in higher tiers receive more rewards compared to those at the lower tiers.

Players can also earn conquest points by participating in rated battlegrounds. Conquest points essentially act as a currency, which players can use to purchase PvP gear that they can use for rated battlegrounds.

3. Tips for Climbing the Rated Battleground Ladder

Climbing the rated battleground ladder requires patience, dedication, and skill. One of the critical things any player aiming to climb the ladder needs to do is to remain consistent. Consistency means playing with a dedicated team, mastering their classes, and communicating effectively in gameplay.

Another tip for climbing the ladder is learning to adapt quickly to changes in the game. Players need to keep up with the latest balance changes, meta, and strategies to stay on top of their game.

Mentality is best when it comes to climbing this ladder as frustration and tilt may hinder performance. A crucial factor for climbing the ladder is the use of voice communication tools such as discord to coordinate team attacks properly.


The rated battleground ladder is an exciting feature of World of Warcraft’s PvP mode. It offers a competitive and rewarding experience for players looking for challenges outside the traditional raid or dungeon gameplay. However, climbing this ladder requires patience, skill, and dedication, but the rewards that come with it are well worth it. Follow our tips and soon you’ll be making your way up the ladder to impress other players with your achievements!

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