Reva Star Wars Sucks

Summary: In the Star Wars franchise, there is no other movie as disappointing and frustrating as Reva Star Wars. The storyline was lacking in creativity, the acting was mediocre, and the special effects were underwhelming. This article highlights the reasons why Reva Star Wars is a complete failure.

1. Poor Character Development

The characters in Reva Star Wars were poorly developed, and their motivations were unclear. The audience did not feel any connection to the characters, and there was no emotional investment in their struggles. It was difficult to understand what the protagonists were fighting for and why they were making certain decisions.

Moreover, the villains lacked depth and complexity, making them uninteresting and forgettable. Kylo Ren was introduced as an intriguing character, but his development in the subsequent films was unsatisfactory. His motivations were muddled, and his actions lacked conviction.

2. Lack of Originality

Reva Star Wars lacked originality, with much of the plot feeling like a rehashed version of the original trilogy. The premise of a group of rebels taking on an evil empire has been done countless times before, both within the Star Wars franchise and in other sci-fi movies. The movie failed to introduce anything new or interesting to the franchise, instead relying heavily on nostalgia and fan service.

In addition, several scenes and characters felt like cheap imitations of iconic moments from the original trilogy. For example, the appearance of Han Solo and Chewbacca felt forced, with the characters having no real impact on the story.

3. Poor Execution of Action Scenes

The action scenes in Reva Star Wars were poorly executed, lacking the tension and excitement of previous Star Wars movies. The use of shaky cam made it difficult to follow the action, and the editing was choppy and confusing.

The lightsaber battles, which are normally a highlight of the franchise, were underwhelming and lacked creativity. The fight between Rey and Kylo Ren in the snowy forest felt like a carbon copy of the Darth Vader vs. Luke Skywalker battle in The Empire Strikes Back, but with less emotional weight.


Reva Star Wars was a major letdown for fans of the franchise. With poor character development, lack of originality, and a poor execution of action scenes, it failed to live up to the high standards set by previous Star Wars movies. It is clear that the movie was meant to serve as fan service rather than a standalone addition to the franchise. In the end, Reva Star Wars will go down as one of the biggest disappointments in movie history.

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