Season 3 League Of Legends

The third season of League of Legends was a turning point for the game. It saw the introduction of many new features, including the much-awaited spectator mode and the updated Twisted Treeline map. The game also underwent some significant changes in terms of gameplay, with the addition of the League System and the introduction of promotional series.

1. The League System
The most significant change introduced in season 3 was the League System. Instead of the previous Elo rating system, players were now placed into leagues based on their performance. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Challenger were the six different tiers. Players were promoted or demoted based on their performance against other players in their league and with different LP (league points) thresholds.

2. Promotional Series
To advance from one tier to another in the League System, players had to play a series of promotion games. These games would determine whether or not they were skilled enough to advance to the next tier. Players had to win at least two out of three games in their promotion series, except for advancing to the challenger tier, where players had a promotion series of five games.

3. Spectator Mode
One of the biggest updates introduced in Season 3 was the long-awaited Spectator mode. This allowed players to observe live matches without having to be part of the playing team. It was also possible to watch replays of previously played games.

4. Updated Twisted Treeline Map
The Twisted Treeline map received an overhaul during season 3. It featured two lanes instead of three, and there was more emphasis on jungle objectives. This resulted in a faster-paced game on this map, which was preferred by many players who enjoyed the more action-heavy style of play.

5. Champion Reworks
Several champions were reworked during season 3, including Sivir, Heimerdinger, and Kassadin. These reworks helped to make them more viable options for competitive play. Additionally, several new champions were introduced, including Aatrox, Lissandra, and Lucian.

Season 3 was a significant turning point for League of Legends. The introduction of the League System and promotional series brought a more competitive edge to the game, while the updated Twisted Treeline map provided a fresh take on gameplay. The addition of Spectator mode was highly anticipated and provided a new way for players to experience the game. Finally, champion reworks and new champions kept the game fresh and exciting. Overall, season 3 was a successful season for League of Legends, and its impact is still being felt in the game today.

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