Shotgun Sons Of The Forest

Summary: Shotgun Sons of the Forest is a gripping tale about a group of men who lived in the Pacific Northwest wilderness in the early 20th century. These men were known as Shotgun Sons because they roamed the forests carrying their shotguns and defending their turf, which was also the location of their successful hunting and trapping business.

1. The Lives of the Shotgun Sons of the Forest

The Shotgun Sons of the Forest lived an unconventional life. They stayed away from society and lived off the land. Instead of working in factories or offices, they hunted, trapped, and fished for their living. Their days began at dawn, and they traveled through the dense forest with their shotguns. They spent hours hunting game, which they sold to merchants in town.

The Shotgun Sons faced many challenges while living in the forest. They had to fend off wild animals like bears and wolves that came in search of food. Their camps were subjected to natural elements, such as heavy snowfall during the winter, and forest fires during the summer months. Despite all these hardships, the Shotgun Sons continued to survive in the woods.

2. The Camaraderie Amongst the Shotgun Sons of the Forest

Living in seclusion from society, the Shotgun Sons of the Forest developed a strong bond amongst themselves. They looked out for each other, shared their belongings, and worked together towards a common goal. They depended on each other for survival and built an unbreakable camaraderie. They would often regale each other with stories and entertained themselves with music and dancing in the evenings.

Their sense of community extended even beyond their own clan. They welcomed other hunters who traveled through the forests seeking game. The Shotgun Sons provided these outsiders with shelter, food, and even offered them work. This hospitality reflects the generous and kindhearted nature of the Shotgun Sons of the Forest.

3. The Hunting and Trapping Techniques Employed by the Shotgun Sons of the Forest

The Shotgun Sons of the Forest were known for their expert hunting skills. They used shotgun traps, which they designed themselves to hunt game like bears, beavers, and coyotes. These devices were set up in strategic locations and proved to be very successful in capturing prey. They also used a ‘herd’ system, which required them to use hand signals to communicate with each other when hunting in open areas.

While trapping, the Shotgun Sons used various types of traps like snares, deadfalls, and pit traps. They would bait these traps with berries, fish, and meat. Once a trap was triggered, the animal would be captured. The Shotgun Sons also utilized hides, pelts, and other animal parts to create a variety of products like jackets, boots, and rugs. Their hunting and trapping business proved to be very successful and brought them financial stability.


The Shotgun Sons of the Forest lived a life that many could only dream of. They thrived in the wilderness and built a successful business based on hunting and trapping. Their strong sense of community, hospitality towards outsiders, and expert hunting and trapping techniques made them a unique group of men. Despite the dangers of living in the wilderness, the Shotgun Sons persevered and continued to live on their own terms. Their legacy lives on, and future generations can learn from their hard work, resilience, and way of life.

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