Sonic Final Fantasy 7

Summary: Sonic and Final Fantasy 7 are two iconic franchises in the gaming industry. Recently, there has been a collaboration between Sonic and Final Fantasy 7 which has fans excited. This article will cover the various aspects of this collaboration and what fans can expect from it.

1. Sonic’s incorporation into the game

In the latest update for Final Fantasy 7, players now have access to a new summon that features Sonic. Whenever a player summons Sonic, they’re greeted with an animated cutscene where Sonic runs into the screen and hits enemies with lightning-fast attacks. His ultimate move features his iconic Super Sonic form where he blasts through all the enemies on the screen. This not only adds a fun and exciting element to Final Fantasy 7, but it cements the relationship between Sonic and Final Fantasy 7.

Fans of both franchises have been blown away by the level of detail put into Sonic’s appearance in Final Fantasy 7. Sonic’s moves in the cutscenes are accompanied by catchphrases such as “Gotta go fast!” and “Let’s do this!” which have been taken straight from the classic Sonic games. It’s exciting to see two iconic franchises come together in such a well-executed way.

2. Unique rewards for players

As part of the collaboration, players receive unique rewards for using Sonic in battle. The more players use Sonic, the more rewards they receive. Some of these rewards include new equipment, materia, and even special items that can only be obtained through the Sonic summon.

These rewards make the Sonic summon even more tempting to use in battle. Not only is it an exciting addition to the game, but it can also give players an edge in battles.

3. A nod to Sonic Adventure

The Sonic summon in Final Fantasy 7 features a familiar environment for fans of the Sonic franchise. The background setting for the cutscenes is set in Station Square, a location from the classic Sonic Adventure game. This not only gives fans a sense of nostalgia but also shows that the creators put a lot of effort into making the Sonic summon as authentic as possible.

Additionally, the summon’s moveset includes some nods to Sonic’s moves from Sonic Adventure. For example, his spin attack is one of his standard moves, which is an attack that is very present in the Sonic Adventure game. Fans who played Sonic Adventure will appreciate these small details in the Sonic summon’s moveset.


The collaboration between Sonic and Final Fantasy 7 is nothing short of amazing. Fans of both franchises can experience two iconic worlds coming together. The addition of Sonic in Final Fantasy 7 adds a fun and unique element to the game and gives players exciting rewards to collect. The creators went above and beyond to ensure that Sonic’s appearance in Final Fantasy 7 is authentic, which shows that they care about their fans. It will be exciting to see how future collaborations between Sonic and Final Fantasy 7 will be executed.

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