Sons Of The Forest All Enemies

Sons of the Forest: All Enemies

Sons of the Forest, developed by Endnight Games, is a survival horror game where the player is stranded on a mysterious island full of cannibalistic mutants. In this article, we will take a closer look at all the enemies that the Sons of the Forest player must defeat or avoid to survive.

1. Cannibals

One of the most common and dangerous enemies in the game are the Cannibals. They are extremely agile and are quick to attack if they spot the player. These creatures can attack with weapons like spears or clubs, or even use their sheer strength to overpower the player.

The Cannibals are social creatures and often hunt in groups. They are always on the lookout for prey, so the player needs to be very careful when walking around the island. If the player is spotted, they can expect to be chased by a group of these vicious monsters.

2. Armsies

The Armsies are one of the mutated creatures the player will come across. They have multiple limbs, making them incredibly dangerous. These creatures can also throw rocks and debris at the player from a distance.

The Armsies can be found in caves or wandering around the island. They are especially dangerous in groups, so the player should always be ready to face multiple Armsies at the same time.

3. Cowmen

The Cowmen are another type of mutated creatures. They are large and bulky, making them difficult to take down. They also have a strong charge attack that can knock the player off their feet.

The Cowmen can be seen carrying huge logs on their shoulders, which they use as weapons. They are best avoided, but if the player is unable to do so, they should aim for their heads to bring them down.

4. Virginia

Virginia is a female mutant with long and deadly arms. She can attack the player from a distance and also move quickly to evade any incoming attacks.

Virginia is extremely agile, which makes it difficult to keep track of her movements. She is often seen in groups with other creatures and will attack the player when they are distracted.


Sons of the Forest is a game that requires the player to be constantly vigilant. The enemies in the game are varied and dangerous, and each one presents a unique challenge to the player. From the Cannibals to the Armsies and Cowmen, there is always something to watch out for.

The key to surviving in Sons of the Forest is to be prepared for anything. The player should always be armed and ready to fight or flee at a moment’s notice. By mastering the art of combat and using their environment to their advantage, the player can make their way through the island and complete their objectives.

If you enjoy survival horror games, Sons of the Forest is definitely worth a try. With its immersive storyline and challenging gameplay, it is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!

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