Sons Of The Forest Axe Hotkey

Summary: Sons of The Forest is an upcoming game that promises to be a sequel to The Forest. As the axe is one of the most important tools in the game, players are seeking to learn more about the Sons of the Forest axe hotkey.

1. What is “Sons of the Forest”?

Sons of the Forest is an adventure game developed and published by Endnight Games Ltd. It is a sequel to The Forest, which was released in 2018. The game takes place on a remote island where the player, as a survivor of a plane crash, must navigate and survive in a dangerous forest inhabited by cannibalistic mutants. The player must find resources and craft tools to build shelters, fight against the mutants, and ultimately uncover the secrets of the island.

The axe is one of the most important tools in Sons of the Forest. It can be used to chop down trees, gather resources, build structures, and fight against predators. Players need to use the axe strategically to survive, especially when they are first starting out in the game.

To use the axe quickly in the game, players are looking for the Sons of the Forest axe hotkey so they can have a better control over their character and experience smoother gameplay.

2. How to Use the Axe in Sons of the Forest?

The axe is a versatile tool that can be used for different purposes in the game. Here are some of the ways to use the axe in Sons of the Forest:

– Chopping down trees: To chop down trees, players need to approach a tree and hold down the left mouse button with the axe equipped. Keep holding until the tree falls down.

– Gathering resources: After chopping down a tree, players can gather logs and sticks to use for building structures or crafting other tools and weapons.

– Fighting mutants: The axe is also an effective weapon against the mutants. Players can swing the axe by clicking the left mouse button, aiming at the mutants and attacking them.

3. What is a Hotkey in Video Games?

A hotkey is a keyboard shortcut that activates a specific action or command in a video game. In Sons of the Forest, players are looking for the axe hotkey so they can access the tool quickly without having to go through the menus.

Hotkeys are especially useful in fast-paced games where players need to act quickly and decisively. It can be frustrating when players have to pause the game to look for a tool or command, as it breaks the flow of the game and can lead to unnecessary deaths.

In Sons of the Forest, players can customize their hotkeys to suit their preferences and play style. This allows for a personalized game experience and allows players to optimize their gameplay.

4. How to Find the Axe Hotkey in Sons of the Forest?

Unfortunately, as of now, there is no official hotkey for the axe in Sons of the Forest. However, players can create their own custom hotkeys using their keyboard or gaming mouse software. Here’s how:

– Open the game and click on “options”.

– Go to “controls” and select “customization”.

– Choose a key or button to assign the tool or weapon to.

– Save the changes and test to ensure the hotkey works.

This method should work for most keyboards and gaming mice. It’s important to note that hotkeys may not be compatible with all devices or software, so it’s important to check compatibility before assigning keys.


In summary, Sons of The Forest is a highly anticipated adventure game that is expected to be released in 2021. Players are eager to learn more about the Sons of The Forest axe hotkey, as the axe is an important tool for survival in the game. While there may not be an official hotkey, players can customize their own hotkeys using keyboard or gaming mouse software. The axe can be used for different purposes, such as chopping down trees, gathering resources, and fighting mutants.

Hotkeys are an essential part of gameplay for many players, allowing them to access tools and commands quickly and efficiently. By creating custom hotkeys, players can optimize their game experience and improve their chances of survival on the island.

Overall, Sons of The Forest promises to be an exciting and challenging game that requires strategic thinking and survival skills. With the right tools and knowledge, players can conquer the island and uncover its secrets.

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