Sons Of The Forest Change Difficulty

Summary: Sons of the Forest is a survival horror video game that involves a player who controls a character navigating a dense forest, battling mutants while trying to uncover the secret behind an abandoned facility. The game’s difficulty changes under various conditions, making it more interesting for players.

1. Difficulty scaling based on the number of players

Sons of the Forest provides an immersive experience that can be trilling for solo players or groups of friends. When playing alone, the game’s challenges are scaled down to match the player’s ability. Therefore, the amount and difficulty of enemies encountered decrease compared to when playing as a team where enemies increase in number and difficulty.

Moreover, when playing with friends, the characters the players use have different abilities, resources, and strengths. This means that the survival experience becomes more manageable as team members strategize on how to handle different scenarios. For instance, splitting up can help nail an enemy simultaneously from two different angles, weakening it or killing it entirely.

2. Resource availability, weather, and mutational hazards affect game difficulty

The Sons of the Forest world has dynamic weather and day/night cycles that directly impact gameplay. Some creatures may become less aggressive by day, while some become more dangerous at night. Moreover, resource availability affects characters’ endurance levels, making it necessary to look for water and shelter regularly.

Unique mutational hazards like diseases and infections also alter the game’s difficulty. Before the character is fully immune to sicknesses, the player must undergo several stages of immunity development. These stages present different challenges, including enhanced aggression from certain enemies and slowly degrading health.

3. Boss fights and enemy AI determinants of game difficulty

Sons of the Forest bosses are tough, challenging, and have unique abilities. The game’s difficulty increases during boss fights as bosses have a higher health bar, better abilities than their minions, and complex attack patterns. However, a player can use weapons and environmental tools to gain an extra advantage to take down bosses.

Enemy AI is also one of the main determinants of the game’s difficulty. Some mutants possess advanced artificial intelligence, can strategize against characters’ strengths, and learn subsequent ambushes. This results in difficulty getting through some levels, which add excitement, anticipation, and a sense of achievement when finally defeating them.


Sons of the Forest is an exciting game with varying difficulties under different conditions. Whether playing solo or with friends, the game changes its difficulty to match the player’s skills. Resource scarcity, weather, mutational hazards, bosses, and advanced enemy AI increase the game’s difficulty, resulting in an immersive experience for the player.

The game designers did an excellent job presenting a dynamic, diverse, and exciting survival experience. The game combines the horror element with challenging gameplay to bring out a unique atmosphere. Finally, Sons of the Forest is an excellent choice for people who enjoy adrenaline stimulating experiences.

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