Sons Of The Forest Coordinates

Summary: Sons of the Forest is an upcoming survival horror game with a vast open world and intriguing storyline that requires players to explore various sets of coordinates, representing different species of wildlife in different biomes. These coordinates play a significant role in the progress of the game, and players need to locate and use them effectively in their journey.

1. Importance of Coordinates in the Game

The coordinates in Sons of the Forest provide a sense of direction and location as players make their way through the open-world environment. These coordinates lead players to different biomes, each with a distinct environment and a specific species of wildlife. The coordinates are essential because players must kill these species in order to progress in the game and unlock new weapons and equipment.

Players must also use the coordinates to find hidden caves and secrets, which will provide them with access to new and exciting items that will aid in their survival journey. The importance of the coordinates cannot be overstated, as they provide players with all the information they need to complete the game successfully.

2. Collecting Coordinates Effectively

Players must collect a vast number of coordinates to advance through the game, and doing so requires careful planning and execution. The best way to collect coordinates effectively is through exploration. As players traverse the game’s environment, they will come across clue-based hints that point them in the direction of different coordinates, such as footprints or animal droppings.

To increase the chances of finding coordinates, players should explore at night when animals tend to be more active. Similarly, players should visit areas with a higher concentration of wildlife as these areas are more likely to contain coordinates.

3. Using Coordinates in Combat

In addition to serving as markers for different biomes and species, coordinates can also be used as bait to lure animals to ambush players’ traps. This is particularly useful in combat situations where players may need to fight more than one animal at once.

Players can place traps near coordinates to attract predators, and if done effectively, players can cause the predators to attack each other or become trapped, giving the player an advantage in battle. This tactic can be used to conserve weapons and ammunition, which is vital in a survival game like Sons of the Forest.


In conclusion, Sons of the Forest coordinates play a crucial role in the game’s overall experience. These coordinates serve as markers for different biomes and species, provide hints to hidden secrets, and guide players to new equipment that will help them survive longer.

Learning how to maximize the use of coordinates is key to progressing through the game successfully. With careful planning and execution, players can turn coordinates into valuable tools that can help them overcome even the most dangerous wildlife and eventually achieve their goals in the game.

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