Sons Of The Forest Weapon Stats

Summary: Sons of the Forest is an upcoming game that has been catching a lot of attention recently. The game’s weapons are one of its most talked-about features, as players are eager to understand the stats and abilities of each weapon. In this article, we will take a detailed look at the weapon stats in Sons of the Forest.

1. Melee Weapons

Sons of the Forest offers a wide range of melee weapons, each with its own unique stats and abilities. The melee weapons can be broadly categorized into three types – blunt, sharp, and heavy.

The blunt melee weapons such as the club and the hammer cause high damage but are slower in their attack speed and have a lower attack range. These weapons are better suited for close-combat scenarios where the player has ample time to prepare their attack.

The sharp melee weapons such as the machete and the katana have a faster attack speed and a longer attack range compared to the blunt weapons. However, the damage dealt by these weapons is lower and requires multiple hits to take down enemies. These weapons are more useful against fast-moving targets such as animals or when the player is in a tight area where they need to maintain distance from the enemy.

2. Ranged Weapons

The ranged weapons in Sons of the Forest include bows, slingshots, and guns. Bows have a comparatively low fire rate but can deliver high damage. The player needs to hold the fire button to aim before releasing it to fire the arrow. Slingshots have a higher fire rate but lesser range and damage compared to the bow. The player can ready an aimed shot and release the trigger to launch a projectile.

Guns in the game offer a higher damage output than the bows or slingshots, but they come with limited ammunition. The player needs to use the ammo carefully and conserve it for difficult enemy encounters. The handguns in the game provide medium-range aiming capabilities, perfect for situations where the enemy is not too far away, but the player cannot engage them in close combat.

3. Explosives

Sons of the Forest also has various explosives that the player can use to deal massive damage to enemies or structures. The bombs in the game can be attached to surfaces and detonated with a trigger. They cause massive damage in a large area and are best used against large groups of enemies or structures that need to be demolished.

The molotovs, on the other hand, deal damage over time and are effective against enemies with larger health bars. They can be used to light up buildings or structures where the enemy is hiding and force them out into the open. The grenades can be used similarly to the bombs, but they offer better range and can be thrown further.


This article provides a comprehensive overview of the weapon stats in Sons of the Forest. Players can choose from a wide variety of melee, ranged, and explosive weapons as per their play style. Understanding each weapon’s strengths and weaknesses is imperative to make the most of them and survive the dangers that the forest holds. Whether it is close-combat or long-range attacks, Sons of the Forest has an arsenal that caters to all types of players.

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