Star Wars Costumes Kids

Summary: Star Wars is a franchise loved by kids all over the world. If your child is a fan of the series, getting them a Star Wars costume can be the perfect gift for them. There are several factors to consider while selecting the right Star Wars costume for your kid.

1. The character

Star Wars has an array of beloved characters that kids love. From Jedi knights to stormtroopers, there are several options available for kids to choose from. When deciding which character costume to get for your kid, it is essential to take their preference into account. Some kids may prefer villainous characters like Darth Vader, while some may enjoy protagonists like Rey or Luke Skywalker. Additionally, make sure the costume is age-appropriate and fits comfortably on your child.

It’s worth noting that if you’re costume shopping for an entire squad of kids, considering getting costumes from the same movie. This way, the group can have their subgroup within the Star Wars universe, adding to the fun of the experience.

Another option here is to create custom costumes if your child’s favorite character is lesser-known or not widely available. This lets your kid’s imagination run wild as you work together to craft the perfect apparel.

2. The materials used

The materials used to make the costumes play a significant role in how comfortable the costume is for the younglings to wear. Costumes made with low-grade materials, such as polyester and plastic, may cause irritation, discomfort, or even allergic reactions in some children. Look for costumes made with breathable materials like cotton or spandex to ensure your child stays comfortable throughout the day. Additionally, avoid costumes with sharp edges, detachable parts, or other elements that could prove a choking hazard.

If the costume needs extra padding or support, ensure that the support is sturdy and does not interfere with your child’s movements. For instance, if your child is wearing a Jedi robe, ensure any support or padding doesn’t get in the way of the light saber.

A good option for sound- or light-regulated costumes like Darth Vader is to supplement the costume with belt clip-on add-ons. Belt-clip on sound player or light kits can significantly make the costume more authentic and unique.

3. The Cost

Cost is always a factor to consider when buying any product, especially when it comes to children’s wear. Star Wars costume prices differ depending on the character, quality, material, and brand. It can range from $20 to over a hundred dollars. While the price is an essential aspect when deciding which costume to purchase, you shouldn’t compromise on quality or safety. You could also shop around to compare prices and quality before making a final purchase decision. Shopping at local resellers might save you a bundle as they often offer significant discounts.

If budget allows, you could consider buying multiple costumes to let your kid(s) have more fun dressing up with friends, family, or fellow Star Wars fans.

Another way to cut costs without sacrificing quality or fit is waiting until Halloween is close or passing. Local stores & marketplace sites will often hold discount sales on unsold costumes since stores will need to free up inventory space for upcoming winter holiday stock.

4. Going DIY

Sometimes the best option is a do-it-yourself costume. Doing so can be fun to build and can involve your child in the creative process by letting them be in charge of design elements or accessory selection. Homemade costumes can save you money and help you create a unique outfit – one that’s not available in stores. Not to mention, it can be a great project opportunity for working together with kids.

Some DIY costume ideas include duct tape masks and cardboard armor modifications. If you want the get-up to look more authentic, research some tutorials like how to make a DIY Chewbacca or how to make light-sabers with pool noodles or PVC pipes.

The possibilities are endless with homemade Star Wars costumes and can serve as a great bonding experience between parent and child.


In conclusion, getting a Star Wars costume is a perfect way to let your kid(s) explore their imaginative side while collaborating with you in this hands-on journey. Whether a ready-made option or a DIY hack, always keep safety, comfort, and quality at the forefront of your purchase decision-making process. Start the galactic adventure with your child(ren) today!

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