Star Wars High Republic Lightsabers

Star Wars High Republic Lightsabers: The New Age Weapon of the Jedi

As Star Wars fans anxiously awaited for the release of The High Republic series, which will be set 200 years before the events of The Phantom Menace, the new era has relaunched the Star Wars universe in a whole new narrative. One of the major changes is the design of the lightsaber that the Jedi use in this era, which are different from the iconic ones seen in past movies. In this article, we will explore the variations of lightsabers present in the Star Wars High Republic.

1. A New Era, A New Lightsaber Design

The lightsabers used during the High Republic era have a sleeker design compared to the classic lightsabers seen in the original trilogy. The High Republic lightsabers have a more refined look and feature thin and elongated hilts. They are designed with a wide range of colors, each color representing a different class in the Jedi Order, including blue, green, yellow, and purple.

The Jedi order members also customize their sabers reflecting their individual characteristics, with symbols and patterns detailed on the hilts. Additionally, they often incorporate more elaborate technology than in previous Star Wars iterations such as Force sensors and pulse-mode blades.

2. Some Notable High Republic Lightsabers

One of the first lightsabers introduced in The High Republic series was the one carried by the young Jedi Knight, Keeve Trennis. Her weapon has a light gray tint and silver intricacies etched into an extremely thin hilt within it. Another unique lightsaber is wielded by the Wookiee Padawan, Burryaga Agaburry, whose saber, made up of wood, looks more like a traditional staff than a typical lightsaber. Meanwhile, Jedi Master Sskeer’s saber incorporates an emitter shroud that conceals the blade when not in use.

Another notable addition to the High Republic lightsabers is the way they emit light; they have an energy explosion effect near the handguard of the saber and are designed to create a visual emotional connection with the readers.

3. The Future of Lightsabers in the Star Wars Universe

From the prequels until now, the lightsabers used by Jedi across different eras have evolved while retaining their unique identities. The lightsabers used during the High Republic era demonstrate how the Jedi’s weapon evolved from previous eras while adding new designs and functionality.

The new designing concept is unlikely to draw a wedge between lovers of the classic design. Instead, it enhances the story’s themes and adds immersion to the experience as a whole.


Lightsabers have been an integral part of the Star Wars franchise, and the High Republic series has provided a new look at how they continue to evolve. The new refined look, symbol, and how each lightsaber represents its wielder, adds depth and personality to the characters carrying these glowing swords. We must admit that High Republic Lightsabers add significant value to the Star Wars legacy.

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