Star Wars Hyena Bomber

Summary: The Hyena-class bomber is used by both the Separatist Navy and the Trade Federation, and makes its appearance in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series. This article will cover its origins, design features, armaments, tactics utilized by the Separatists, and encounters with Republic forces.

1. Origins of the Hyena Bomber

The Hyena Bomber was developed as a cheaper alternative to the more expensive droid tri-fighters used by the Separatists. It was built using existing droid parts, which allowed them to be produced in larger quantities at a lower cost.

The Hyena Bomber was designed by the Colicoid Creation Nest, an insectoid species known for their expertise in creating war machines. They were responsible for creating other Separatist vehicles such as the droid tri-fighter and the droideka.

Despite being designed as a bomber, the Hyena Bomber is agile and can easily outmaneuver Republic ships. This characteristic also makes it a versatile fighter that can perform combat roles ranging from dogfighting to bombing runs.

2. Features of the Hyena Bomber

The Hyena Bomber is approximately 11 meters long, and has a wingspan of 13 meters. Its shape is reminiscent of a flying insect, with its two curved wings extending from the fuselage and two small antennae-like sensors at the front of the ship.

The ship is armed with a top-mounted laser turret and two wing-mounted missile launchers. These missiles can be loaded with different payloads depending on the mission, such as concussion missiles for anti-ship attacks or cluster munitions for carpet bombing.

The ship is piloted by a single B1 battle droid, with additional battle droids serving as gunners. The cockpit is located at the front of the ship and features a large viewport for better visibility.

3. Armaments of the Hyena Bomber

The Hyena Bomber is primarily used for bombing raids, and is equipped with an arsenal of explosives that can cause significant damage. Its cluster bombs are particularly deadly, producing a vast number of explosive fragments on impact that can harm anything within range. Some variants of the Hyena Bomber are also equipped with proton torpedoes, which can easily penetrate shields and armor.

The ship’s wing-mounted missile launchers can be fitted with a variety of different missiles depending on the situation. Concussion missiles are effective against capital ships, while proton torpedoes work well against armored targets. The ship’s laser turret is used mainly for defense and is designed to target incoming enemy fighters and missiles.

In addition to its offensive capabilities, the Hyena Bomber also has a shield generator that provides some protection against enemy fire. However, these shields are not as strong as those found on Republic starfighters, and can be overwhelmed relatively easily.

4. Separatist Tactics

The Separatists made extensive use of the Hyena Bomber during the Clone Wars, utilizing it for bombing runs against Republic ships and ground targets. They often deployed large numbers of Hyena Bombers in coordinated attacks, overwhelming Republic defenses and causing significant damage.

In addition to their massed attack tactics, the Separatists also modified their bombers to carry unconventional payloads such as seismic charges, which can create large shockwaves that damage everything in the area. They also made use of swarm tactics, using Hyena Bombers to lure Republic forces into traps where they would be surrounded and attacked from all sides.

The Separatists also employed tactics aimed at disrupting Republic communication and transportation networks in order to isolate and weaken target systems before attacking them with Hyena Bombers. These attacks were often carried out in conjunction with other Separatist ground and space forces.

5. Encounters with Republic Forces

Republic forces frequently encountered Hyena Bombers during the Clone Wars, as the Separatists used them extensively in their campaigns. The bombers proved to be a formidable foe, causing significant damage to Republic capital ships and ground targets alike.

While Republic starfighters such as the Jedi starfighter and ARC-170 were able to engage the Hyena Bombers effectively, they struggled against large numbers of these ships. The bombers’ agility and speed allowed them to easily avoid incoming fire, forcing the Republic pilots to fly through areas with heavy anti-aircraft fire in order to get a clear shot.

Ultimately, it was the development of new Republic technologies such as the Y-wing bomber and the ion cannon that enabled Republic forces to begin to turn the tide against Hyena Bombers and the Separatist fleet in general.


The Hyena-class bomber is a versatile and deadly weapon used by the Separatists during the Clone Wars. Designed to be cheap and effective, it was capable of performing a variety of combat roles ranging from dogfighting to bombing raids. Despite their initial success, Republic forces eventually developed effective methods for countering this threat.

The Hyena Bomber represents an important part of the Star Wars universe, showcasing the creativity of the Colicoid Creation Nest in designing new and innovative weapons of war. Its unique design and distinctive abilities make it a memorable addition to the galaxy far, far away.

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