Star Wars Trilogy Dvd Set

Summary: The Star Wars Trilogy DVD set has been a must-have for fans of the iconic series since its release. In this article, we will explore 5 aspects of this timeless box set.

1. Behind the Scenes Footage

One of the most exciting features of the Star Wars Trilogy DVD set is the inclusion of behind-the-scenes footage. Fans get a glimpse of the creative process involved in making the movies, as well as never-before-seen content and interviews with the cast and crew. This feature alone gives viewers a deeper appreciation for the films and the effort that goes into producing such a grand spectacle.

Moreover, it offers details on the pre-production process. For instance, how the costumes were designed and made, which locales were chosen to depict specific planets, and many more. This bonus feature keeps the viewers glued to their screens providing them an experience which they don’t get while watching movies in theatres.

2. High Definition Picture Quality

The original Star Wars trilogy was released in the late ’70s through the early ’80s, which means those films were originally made to be viewed on older televisions. However, the Star Wars Trilogy DVD set gives fans the ability to view the films in high definition picture quality. This upgrade makes the viewing experience even more immersive and enhances every visual detail of the films, from the battles to the aliens.

Furthermore, the improved picture quality shows the original movie quality, which had not undergone VFX. This quality lets the audience see the originality of the movie, enabling the viewers to understand the work done on creating the original edition and also provides them a nostalgic feeling.

3. Audio Commentary

The Star Wars Trilogy DVD set also includes audio commentary from the director, George Lucas, and the cast. This feature adds another layer of depth to the films, allowing viewers to learn about the creative decisions and inspirations behind each scene. It also provides them an in-depth understanding of the movie, which is essential as this movie has a cult fan-following for decades.

Moreover, some actors share their shooting experiences and what they felt while acting in specific positions. That provides the audience with an understanding of the emotions and practices that went into shooting the film.

4. Comprehensive Packaging

The packaging of the Star Wars Trilogy DVD set is remarkable and appreciated by fans. The box set is designed with collectors in mind, with every detail thought out to appeal to die-hard fans. The casing and cover are eye-catching, and it comes with special edition posters and booklet. Ultimately, these improvements give the audience a satisfying ownership experience.

Additionally, with comprehensive packaging, the audience can keep the set as it is without fearing any damage to the product. This also proved as a more extended shelf-life of the set.


The Star Wars Trilogy DVD set holds a significant place in the collection of any true Star Wars fan. The set offers so much more than just the movies; it gives an opportunity to fans to experience these iconic films on a deeper level. With behind-the-scenes footage, high definition picture quality, audio commentary, and comprehensive packaging, this box set creates an unforgettable viewing experience for fans and is worth every penny.

Last but not least, the set also opens up new dimensions to the pre-production process, how the movie was shot, new vistas to the cast and crew’s opinion about the final product. All these features collectively provide a one-stop-shop experience for the audience.

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