Theradbrad Dead Space

Summary: TheRadBrad is a popular gamer on Youtube known for his gameplay walkthrough videos. In this article, we will explore his playthrough of the horror game Dead Space and how he tackles the challenges it presents.

1. Learning the Ropes

TheRadBrad starts off his Dead Space playthrough with a tutorial-like introduction to the game. He quickly learns how to move around, interact with objects, and defends himself using weapons like the Plasma Cutter and Pulse Rifle. As he explores the ghostly spaceship, he discovers audio and text logs that fill him in on the grisly events that unfolded aboard the ship before his arrival. These logs also provide him with clues to solve puzzles and progress through the game.

The gameplay slowly picks up as he encounters his first Necromorph, a grotesque, undead monster that takes on different forms. TheRadBrad’s cautious yet steady approach pays off as he takes them down one by one, using different strategies to defeat each type. Along the way, he also discovers upgrade stations that allow him to enhance his weapons and equipment, making him more efficient in combat.

2. Surviving the Jump Scares

The horror aspect of Dead Space is in full effect as TheRadBrad ventures deeper into the ship. Jump scares, unexpected attacks, and gruesome visuals make the game an immersive experience. Despite being a seasoned gamer, TheRadBrad still reacts to these moments with genuine fear and surprise. His commentary adds to the tension as he shares his thoughts on the game’s atmosphere, story, and scares.

One particular moment that stands out is when he encounters a boss creature called the Leviathan. The creature stalks him through the narrow corridors, breaking through walls and obstacles in its way. TheRadBrad’s intense battle with the Leviathan is a thrilling moment that showcases his skills as a gamer as well as his humorous reactions to the unexpected events that occur during it.

3. Exploring the Story

Dead Space has a complex and intriguing story that is gradually revealed through its gameplay and lore. TheRadBrad takes the time to read and listen to every piece of information he comes across, piecing together the events that led up to the ship’s current state. His attention to detail and appreciation for the game’s world-building make his playthrough a great way for viewers to experience and understand the game’s plot fully.

As he progresses through the game, he faces new challenges and daunting enemies. One memorable moment is when he encounters a pack of Necromorph babies, who swarm around him and attack viciously. His quick reflexes and strategy help him survive this encounter, but he admits that it was one of the most nerve-wracking moments of the game.


TheRadBrad’s Dead Space playthrough is a fantastic way to experience the game’s story, atmosphere, and gameplay. His skills as a gamer, along with his genuine reactions and commentary, make for an entertaining and terrifying viewing experience. Watching his playthrough is an excellent way to prepare for the upcoming Dead Space remake and revisit a timeless horror classic.

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