Tiki Diablo Shop

Summary: Tiki Diablo Shop is a prominent tiki-themed store that specializes in creating unique, handcrafted items inspired by Polynesian culture. With an extensive range of products, the shop appeals to a broad audience of collectors and enthusiasts alike.

1. The History of Tiki Diablo Shop

Tiki Diablo Shop was built upon a passion for all things tiki. It was founded by Danny Gallardo, who started his career in the mid-1990s designing custom skateboards before transitioning to creating one-of-a-kind tiki mugs. Danny’s passion for tiki culminated in Tiki Diablo, a store and studio in Southern California where he creates art pieces inspired by Polynesian pop culture.

Since its establishment in 2006, Tiki Diablo Shop has become a renowned source for tiki collectibles. The store is highly sought after for its unique pieces and superior craftsmanship, which has gained the attention of many throughout the tiki community.

Danny’s devotion to tiki is palpable when you enter his store. The shop is a tribute to the vintage tiki style with brightly colored bamboo walls and vibrant Hawaiian shirts. The shelves are lined with Danny’s handcrafted items, including one-of-a-kind carvings, mugs, and artwork.

2. Handcrafted Items

At Tiki Diablo Shop, the handcrafted items are created with careful consideration and genuine passion for Polynesian culture. The store offers a wide range of hand-carved tikis, masks, and totems. Each piece is made with respect and reverence for the culture it represents.

The shop also features many other types of tiki decor to fit any budget. Ceramic mugs that feature Danny’s signature designs have been very popular among collectors; his trademark glazes give a unique, eye-catching finish. Posters, prints, and shirts are also available in a wide range of brightly colored designs that will brighten up any tiki bar.

Aside from visual art, Tiki Diablo Shop features a line of signature hot sauces, BBQ rubs, cocktail syrups, and more. This selection of consumable items is not only a great way to show off your love for tiki; they’re also a delicious way to spice up your life.

3. Community Involvement

Tiki Diablo Shop has become more than just a store; it’s a gathering place for the tiki community. Danny’s friendly nature and passion for tiki culture have made him a trustworthy figure within the tiki community.

The store hosts events throughout the year, including artist signings, mug releases, and private parties. At these events, fans can meet and chat with their favorite tiki artists while enjoying some tiki cocktails. These events have been very successful, creating a lively social scene around the store.

The shop is also active on social media, sharing photos and stories about the latest products and events. The Instagram account is a highlight; filled with vibrant colors and excellent shots capturing the essence of the tiki lifestyle.

4. Tiki-Centric Services

In addition to its handcrafted merchandise, Tiki Diablo Shop also offers services that cater to the tiki enthusiast crowd. One popular service is custom carvings, where buyers can work with Danny to create a one-of-a-kind piece of tiki art for their home or business. He works with his client to design the carving and then brings it to life with his years of carving experience.

The store also offers authentic tiki thatching installation and consultation services. Whether you have a tiki bar, a man cave, or an entire tiki-themed house, Tiki Diablo Shop can help bring that authentic Polynesian paradise home.

For those who want to learn more about tiki history, art techniques, or mixology, Tiki Diablo Shop hosts workshops. These classes explore various tiki themes and allow students to learn from experienced tiki masters.

5. Future Outlook

Tiki Diablo Shop has become the benchmark for handcrafted tiki decor around the world. The shop hopes to continue pushing the boundaries of Polynesian pop culture design by producing more unique pieces that cater to the tastes of diverse audiences.

As the tiki movement continues to evolve, it is exciting to watch how Tiki Diablo Shop will contribute to the scene. Danny’s passion and never-ending creativity will undoubtedly play an important role in shaping the future of tiki culture.

One thing is certain; Tiki Diablo Shop will continue to be a crucial part of the tight-knit community of tiki enthusiasts worldwide.


Tiki Diablo Shop has revolutionized the way we think about tiki culture. Its unique and beautiful range of handcrafted items inspires a deep appreciation for Polynesian pop culture. Tiki Diablo Shop offers something for every tiki enthusiast, catering to everyone from casual collectors to hardcore tiki enthusiasts. Danny Gallardo’s vision and unwavering passion have created an infectious vibe that draws in fans from all over the world. His shop is more than a store; it’s a tiki community hub where people can enjoy fantastic tiki goods while immersing themselves in the relaxed Polynesian pop-culture lifestyle. Tiki Diablo shop is a must-visit for anyone seeking to delve into the world of tiki culture.

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