Top Laners League Of Legends

Summary: In League of Legends, top lane is one of the most important and strategic lanes. A good top laner knows how to control the lane and has strong map awareness. This article will discuss some of the best top laners in League of Legends and what makes them exceptional.

1. The Importance of Top Lane in League of Legends

In League of Legends, top lane is responsible for controlling the top portion of the map. The top laner’s role can vary depending on the team’s strategy and composition, but in general, the top laner is responsible for either split-pushing or engaging in team fights. A good top laner knows how to control the wave and get CS while also maintaining strong map awareness and helping their team secure objectives.

2. The Best Top Laners in League of Legends

There are many great top laners in League of Legends, but here are a few that stand out from the rest:

a. Jayce

Jayce is a versatile top laner who has the ability to output massive amounts of damage and poke his opponents. He is an excellent pick for players who enjoy playing aggressively and want to dominate their lane. With the right items, Jayce can easily take down towers and push lanes.

b. Jax

Jax is known for his dueling capabilities and his split-pushing prowess. He excels at taking down tanks and dealing massive amounts of damage to squishy targets. His ultimate ability allows him to become even stronger when attacking enemies and adds an extra layer of survivability.

c. Camille

Camille is a highly mobile top laner that excels at engaging in team fights and catching enemies out of position. She is an excellent pick for players who enjoy high-risk, high-reward gameplay and want to make a big impact in team fights.

d. Renekton

Renekton is a tanky top laner who is excellent at engaging and dealing damage to enemy squishies. He has a lot of sustain in-lane and is hard to take down once he gets ahead. Renekton is an excellent pick for players who enjoy playing aggressively while also having the ability to stay alive and deal damage.

e. Ornn

Ornn is a beefy top laner who brings a lot of CC to team fights. He excels at soaking up damage and protecting his team from enemy engages. He is also excellent at engaging himself and has a lot of setup potential for his team’s damage dealers.

3. What Makes a Great Top Laner?

A great top laner knows how to control their lane and work with their team to achieve objectives. They have strong map awareness and can anticipate enemy movements and ganks. Top laners should also be mechanically skilled and have a strong understanding of matchups, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of their chosen champion.

However, a great top laner is not only defined by their individual skill but also by their ability to work with their team. Top laners need to know when to split-push and when to group up with their team for objectives. They need to communicate effectively with their teammates and coordinate with them to secure kills and objectives.


In conclusion, top lane is an essential part of League of Legends gameplay, and a good top laner can make all the difference in a game. There are many exceptional top laners in League of Legends, each with their unique strengths and weaknesses. Whether you prefer an aggressive playstyle or a more supportive one, there is a top laner out there for you. Just remember that being a great top laner is not only about individual skill but also about being a great teammate and working together towards victory.

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