Unity Diablo 3

Summary: In Diablo 3, Unity is a popular item that allows players to share their damage taken. The game is designed to be played in a group, and Unity is one of the key components of a successful team. This article will explore the different aspects of Unity in Diablo 3 and how it enhances the overall gameplay experience.

1. What is Unity?

Unity is an item in Diablo 3 that allows players to share their damage taken. Whenever a player takes damage, 50% of that damage is also taken by their allies who are wearing Unity. This means that if one player takes a lot of damage, their teammates will also take some of that damage, reducing the overall damage taken by the group.

Unity can be equipped by any class in the game, making it a versatile item that can benefit any team. It is especially useful for players who are playing on higher difficulties, where enemy attacks can do significant amounts of damage. In these situations, having Unity equipped can make a significant difference in the survivability of the team.

2. How to Obtain Unity?

Unity is a legendary ring that can be obtained in one of two ways: through random drops or by using Kanai’s Cube. While it is possible to obtain Unity through random drops, it can take a long time to find, especially on higher difficulty levels. A faster way to obtain Unity is to use Kanai’s Cube, which allows players to convert one type of item into another.

To obtain Unity through Kanai’s Cube, players will need to have a level 25+ rare Unity ring and 50 of each bounty material. They can then use the cube to upgrade the rare ring into a legendary version with a chance to become Unity. This method is much faster than waiting for a random drop, but it requires the player to have a rare version of the ring beforehand.

3. Strategies for Using Unity

There are several strategies for using Unity in Diablo 3. One common strategy is for each player in the group to equip a Unity ring and a follower with the “follower cannot die” item. This allows players to share damage taken with their allies and followers, effectively reducing the overall damage taken by the group.

Another strategy is for players to equip Unity only when playing in a group. This allows players to maximize their damage output when playing solo, while still being able to benefit from the shared damage feature when playing with others. It is also important for players to communicate with their team about who has Unity equipped and when it is being used. This can help prevent confusion and ensure that the item is being used effectively.


Unity is an essential item in Diablo 3 that allows players to share their damage taken with their allies. It can be obtained through random drops or through Kanai’s Cube, and there are several strategies for using it effectively in a group. When used correctly, Unity can significantly reduce the amount of damage taken by a group, making it easier to survive on higher difficulty levels. Whether you are a new player or a seasoned veteran, Unity should be a key component of your gameplay strategy. So, try to obtain Unity as soon as possible and enjoy the game with your friends and teammates.

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