Viktor Build League Of Legends

Summary: Viktor is a versatile champion in League of Legends. He can be played in various roles and positions, but he is mostly picked as a mid-laner. In this article, we’ll discuss the best build for Viktor, considering his abilities, playstyle, and current meta.

1. Early game build

Viktor’s early game is usually tough due to his low mobility, high cooldowns, and mana constraints. That’s why you need to focus on building items that give you early damage, sustain, and mana regen. The first item you should get is Doran’s Ring that provides AP, health, and mana regeneration. It will make your early game trading more efficient and help you farm better. If you’re facing an AD-heavy champion, you can start with Seeker’s Armguard instead. It gives you armor and AP, and it can be upgraded to Zhonya’s Hourglass later.

In addition to that, you should aim to get your Hex Core upgrade as soon as possible. Viktor’s passive allows him to evolve his abilities with each upgrade, making him more powerful and versatile. The first upgrade you should get is Perfect Hex Core, which gives you additional AP and mana. It will improve your waveclear, harass, and all-in potential. Once you have your first upgrade, you can start building your Lost Chapter or Hextech Alternator. Both of these items provide AP and mana, but Lost Chapter also gives you bonus mana regeneration. They can be built into Luden’s Echo and Hextech Protobelt respectively.

2. Mid game build

During the mid game, Viktor’s power spikes, and he becomes a serious threat to the enemy team. So, you need to build items that enhance his damage, mobility, and survivability. The core item for Viktor is Rylai’s Crystal Scepter. It gives you AP, health, and a slow effect on your abilities. This item will make it easier for you to kite and chase down enemies, as well as allow you to spam your abilities without worrying about mana.

Another item that complements Viktor’s kit is Lich Bane. This item gives you AP, mana, and a bonus damage effect on your next basic attack after casting an ability. It synergizes well with Viktor’s Q, which is an auto-attack enhancer that already deals bonus damage. With Lich Bane, you’ll be able to burst down squishy targets and take down objectives faster.

3. Late game build

By the late game, Viktor should be a force to be reckoned with. If you’ve been farming well and getting kills, you can afford to build more expensive and situational items that increase your damage output, survivability, and utility. One of the best items for Viktor in this stage is Void Staff. It gives you magic penetration, which is essential when the enemy team starts building magic resist. It will ensure that your spells deal maximum damage to all targets.

Another item that can make Viktor a nightmare for the enemy team is Banshee’s Veil. It gives you AP, health, and a spell shield that blocks the next enemy ability. It can save you from crucial CC or burst damage and give you time to reposition or follow up with your own combo. It’s especially useful if the enemy team has a lot of crowd control or pick potential.


Viktor is a versatile champion that can adapt to various playstyles and team compositions. However, his build path is essential to maximize his potential and snowball the game. You should focus on building items that give you early game sustainability, mana, and AP like Doran’s Ring and Hex Core upgrade. During the mid-game, your core items should be Rylai’s Crystal Scepter and Lich Bane that provide damage, mobility, and utility. Finally, during the late game, you can build Void Staff and Banshee’s Veil that increase your magic penetration and survivability respectively. By following this build guide, you’ll be able to dominate the game as Viktor.

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