What To Do After Beating Fire Emblem Engage

What to Do After Beating Fire Emblem Engage: A Guide for Gamers

Congratulations on finishing Fire Emblem Engage! You must feel proud of yourself for completing such a challenging game. However, you may be wondering what to do next. Should you start a new game? Or is there anything else left to do in the game? This guide will help you navigate your options and get the most out of your Fire Emblem experience.

1. Replay the Game with a Different Difficulty or Route

If you’re eager to jump back into the game, consider replaying it with a different difficulty level or following a different route. Each difficulty level provides unique challenges that can make the game either more accessible or much harder. Additionally, there are multiple story routes to take, which offer you a different perspective on the events that lead to the game’s conclusion. Whether you choose Hard Mode or want to explore the other storylines, replaying the game can offer a different gaming experience altogether.

2. Check Out DLC and Bonus Content

Fire Emblem Engage has an extensive collection of DLC and bonus content that you can access after completing the main game. It includes new playable characters, additional story content, maps, and items. This additional content can be purchased in-game or through a separate download. Running through new maps and utilizing different characters can add a fresh perspective and challenge to the game.

3. Complete Any Unfinished Side Missions

Like any RPG game Fire Emblem Engage has a vast collection of side missions and quest lines that you may have skipped or left unfinished while striving to finish the primary storyline. Completing these missions adds depth and context to the game while also offering character-building opportunities open to you. Going back to complete these missions can be quite relaxing and fun as this way, you’ll get to focus on the details without any major obstacles.

4. Take a Break and Try Something New

Spending endless hours playing video games can be intense for some players, and it’s okay to take a break. Engage in different activities or try new games of interest. Trying new games widens your RPG horizon giving you a wide range of opportunities to have fun while gaming. Instead of diving into a new game, try any other interests of yours like reading books, watching movies or just taking a break. This helps refresh your brain and comes back rejuvenated


Beating Fire Emblem Engage is no small feat. Whether you choose to replay the game with different difficulty or routes, take time to explore its DLC, finish unfinished side missions, or take a break to try something new; your time with the world of Fire Emblem should be thoroughly engaging and quite rewarding. Ultimately, do what feels right and enjoy the experience!

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