What To Do With Bond Fragments Fire Emblem Engage

Summary: In Fire Emblem Engage, bond fragments are important for character growth. However, players may accumulate excess fragments. Here are some tips on what to do with bond fragments in Fire Emblem Engage.

1. Exchange for other resources

Bond fragments can be exchanged for a variety of resources, such as orbs, crystals, and feathers. Orbs can be used to summon heroes, crystals can be used to level up characters, and feathers can be used to promote characters to higher ranks. This allows players to efficiently obtain useful resources by using excess bond fragments.

Additionally, bond fragments can also be exchanged for items like Stamina Potions and Dueling Crests, which are necessary for some game modes like the Arena. Therefore, it is recommended that players exchange their excess bond fragments for valuable resources.

However, when exchanging for resources, players should consider their priorities and needs. For example, if a player needs more orbs to summon a specific hero, they may want to exchange all of their excess bond fragments for orbs instead of feathers or crystals.

2. Save for future character releases

Players can also save their bond fragments for future character releases. As new characters are introduced into the game, players will need large quantities of bond fragments to unlock their support levels.

This means that players can prepare for future content releases by saving their excess bond fragments. When a new character is released, they can immediately unlock that character’s maximum support level without having to collect additional bond fragments.

However, this strategy requires patience and foresight. It may take a long time before a desired character is released, and players must be willing to hold onto their excess bond fragments until then.

3. Use for Hero Merit

Bond fragments can also be used for Hero Merit. Hero Merit is a system where players can earn rewards by accumulating points through battles.

Players can spend bond fragments to unlock additional Hero Merit rewards. These rewards include items such as Sacred Coins and Refining Stones, which are valuable for improving hero stats and weapons.

However, this strategy requires active gameplay and battles to accumulate Hero Merit points. Players must also prioritize their hero lineup to ensure that they are optimizing their Hero Merit point accumulation.

4. Donations

In Fire Emblem Engage, players can donate bond fragments to their friends and allies. This is a way for players to help their friends grow their characters and obtain resources.

Donations also contribute to a player’s Friendship Level, which unlocks additional benefits such as in-game rewards and chat messages. Therefore, players may choose to donate their excess bond fragments to help their friends and improve their Friendship Level.

However, players should be aware that donating bond fragments does not provide any immediate personal benefit. Players should only make donations if they have excess bond fragments and do not need them for personal use.

5. Sell for Universal Crystals

Finally, players can sell their bond fragments for Universal Crystals. Universal Crystals can be used to level up heroes of any element, making them a valuable resource for players looking to maximize their hero growth.

This option is recommended for players who already have a large quantity of resources and do not need additional orbs or feathers. Selling bond fragments for Universal Crystals can quickly level up heroes without using other valuable resources like crystals.

However, players should be aware that selling bond fragments for Universal Crystals is less efficient than exchanging for other resources. The amount of Universal Crystals received from selling bond fragments is lower than the amount that can be obtained from exchanging for crystals.


In Fire Emblem Engage, players may accumulate excess bond fragments. However, there are several strategies that players can use to efficiently utilize these excess fragments. Players can exchange them for valuable resources, save for future content releases, use for Hero Merit, donate to friends, or sell for Universal Crystals. Each strategy has its own benefits and drawbacks, so players should consider their priorities and needs before deciding how to use their excess bond fragments.

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