Who Is The Protagonist In Sons Of The Forest

Summary: Sons of the Forest is a survival horror game where players are left alone in the woods to fend for themselves against a group of hostile creatures. The game doesn’t have a fixed protagonist as such, but rather puts the player in the shoes of an anonymous survivor. In this article, we will explore who could be considered the protagonist of Sons of the Forest.

1. The player character

The first candidate for the protagonist of Sons of the Forest is the player character itself. As the survivor stranded in the woods, the player is the one tasked with navigating through the terrain and scrounging for resources. Much like in other survival games, the character’s ultimate goal is to stay alive for as long as possible, which gives them a clear objective to work towards.

As players progress through the game, they learn more about the creatures lurking in the woods and begin to piece together what happened to their fellow survivors. This makes the player character an active participant in the story, rather than a mere observer. Whether or not the protagonist elements are strong enough to give the player character an actual name – as opposed to just calling them ‘the survivor’ – remains to be seen.

2. The antagonist

Another option for the protagonist of Sons of the Forest is one of the game’s antagonists. In contrast to the player character, these villains are much more fleshed out, with unique designs, behaviours, and abilities. By centring the story around one of these monsters, the game would provide a fresh perspective on the situation, allowing players to see the world of Sons of the Forest from a new angle.

Add to this the fact that the creatures appear to be intelligent to some extent – judging by their use of complex traps, armor, and tactics – and it’s easy to see why they could make for compelling protagonists. Additionally, some of the monsters are shown to be quite curious about the player character, perhaps even to the point of studying them. This could lead to some interesting character interactions that would further cement the creatures’ place as the game’s main protagonists.

3. The survivors

Finally, we have the remaining survivors of the plane crash that serves as the game’s starting point. These characters are already established to some extent, with unique personalities, backstories, and dialogue. While they may not be present for the entire game, their involvement in the story could help fill in some of the gaps left by the more abstract narratives of the player character and the monsters.

One possibility is that the player must rescue these survivors one by one, effectively taking on the role of their protector. This would give the game a clear objective beyond just survival, and would also force players to think more tactically as they plan their escape from the woods. It could also make the survivors feel like true protagonists in their own right, especially if players grow attached to certain characters and want to keep them alive at all costs.


In conclusion, while Sons of the Forest may not have a traditional protagonist, there are several strong candidates for the role. Depending on how the game is designed, players may end up feeling like the hero of the story, or they may see themselves as background characters in a larger narrative. Similarly, the creatures and survivors of the game offer intriguing opportunities to explore different perspectives and motivations, providing a rich tapestry for players to unravel. Ultimately, what makes Sons of the Forest so exciting is its open-endedness, offering players a plethora of choices and possibilities when it comes to defining their own role within the game’s world.

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