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Summary: Recently, it has been announced that the late rapper, XXXTentacion’s music will be featured in the classic video game League of Legends. This created a lot of buzz on social media as both his fans and gamers were excited about this announcement. In this article, we will discuss 5 different aspects of XXXTentacion’s involvement with League of Legends.

1. The Announcement

The announcement of XXXTentacion’s involvement with League of Legends was made by the Riot Games’ developers on Twitter where they revealed that they have added several songs from the rapper to one of their popular game modes – the Teamfight Tactics. The game mode is a strategic battle where players use various characters to fight against other players.

Fans of both the rapper and the game were thrilled by this news and appreciated the tribute paid to XXXTentacion’s legacy. The game’s developers stated that they had to go through multiple channels before being able to add the songs into the game as they wanted to respect the laws and regulations assigned to the late rapper’s music.

The feedback and response to this announcement were largely positive with a lot of people questioning how this will affect the future of gaming and entertainment collaborations.

2. New Audience for XXXTentacion

League of Legends is a highly popular game played by millions around the world. The game’s integration with XXXTentacion’s music means that his work will now be introduced to a new audience altogether. It can be considered as a bridge between people who never heard of the rapper before and his existing fans.

Moreover, the eclectic nature of the game and its immense fan base means that this collaboration has opened the doors for music gaming fusion in the future. If more artists start collaborating with big-time game developers, it could become a new trend.

XXXTentacion has been known for his raw and aggressive lyrics, but this collaboration offers gamers and fans the opportunity to explore his creative side that they might have been unaware of.

3. Tribute to XXXTentacion’s legacy

XXXTentacion was a very talented artist who passed away unfortunately at a young age. The integration of his music into League of Legends can be viewed as a way of paying tribute to his legacy.

One of the developers of the game, David “Riot Lutzburg” said in an interview that they wanted to honor XXXTentacion’s contribution to the music industry, and the gaming community was the best platform to do so.

This collaboration will help to keep XXXTentacion’s music alive and introduce him to a new generation of music lovers. It is a way of expressing gratitude towards his artistry and celebrating his life.

4. Controversy over XXXTentacion’s past

XXXTentacion had a controversial past that included charges of domestic violence. Many fans of the game have criticized the integration of his music into League of Legends stating that it glorifies someone who had committed such heinous crimes.

While the allegations against the rapper cannot be ignored, it should be noted that his inclusion into the game was solely based on his skills as an artist and the impact he left on the music industry. Furthermore, Riot Games took their time before announcing their decision to add his songs and made sure to pay respect to all copyright holders before adding his music to the game.

It’s a debate that will always be there – whether an artist’s personal life should affect their legacy or not. However, one thing remains clear – despite the controversies surrounding XXXTentacion’s life, his music continues to make an impact on people all around the world.

5. Future Collaborations

This collaboration between XXXTentacion and League of Legends opens up a new category of opportunities for artists and gaming communities. Gamers worldwide are now eager to see more collaborations between musicians and game developers.

It has been a trend lately to use video games as a platform to promote new forms of entertainment. Recently, Travis Scott performed inside Fortnite, a highly popular game where millions of players were able to attend his virtual concert. It was a hit among both gamers and music enthusiasts.

This type of collaboration offers a unique approach in promoting fresh talent and offering fans a different experience. Both gaming and music have enormous fan bases and finding ways to merge the two can have exponential results.


The announcement of XXXTentacion’s music being added to one of the most popular video games created such buzz that it opened up discussions about future partnerships between the gaming industry and the music industry.

XXXTentacion’s legacy as a talented musician left a huge impact on the music industry and his inclusion into the game can be viewed as an homage to his artistic abilities rather than a spotlight on his controversial past. The collaboration is a promising start to what can be a new trend that offers opportunities for both musicians and game developers alike. In the end, it offers an experience that will keep music lovers and gamers engaged.

Lastly, this collaboration can be considered as a window to understand how technology is becoming an integral part of society and how its use is changing the way we perceive entertainment. This offers an exciting new perspective for the gaming world. We can’t wait to see what other surprises the two industries will come up with in the future.

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