Zalera Final Fantasy

Summary: Zalera is a recurring character and summon in the Final Fantasy series. Known as the Death Seraph, this character has several appearances in different games within the franchise. In this article, we will explore the origins of Zalera and its impact on Final Fantasy.

1. Origins and Description

Zalera is first introduced in Final Fantasy Tactics as the fourth of ten Lucavi demons. These monsters are powerful beings that possess humans, imbuing them with immense power and magical abilities. Zalera specifically possessed Elmdore, the leader of the powerful mercenary corps known as Zodiac Braves.

The Death Seraph is a skeletal figure adorned with ghostly rags and has a pair of large wings. It attacks by using its signature move, the Death Sickle, which can instantly kill its target. In subsequent games, Zalera’s design remains consistent, with some slight variations in its powers depending on the game.

2. Impact in Final Fantasy Games

Zalera has made appearances in several Final Fantasy games. Aside from Final Fantasy Tactics, it also appeared in Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy XIV, and various spin-off games.

In Final Fantasy XII, players can acquire and summon Zalera as a powerful ally. Its signature move, the Death Strike, can instantly KO enemies. In Final Fantasy XIV, Zalera appears as a boss, and defeating it is necessary to progress the Summoner questline.

3. Symbolism and Mythology

As a creature associated with death, Zalera is heavily rooted in symbolism and mythology. Its name is derived from the Arabic word for death, “al-mawt.” In the final fantasy universe, it is often portrayed as an ominous figure, capable of delivering swift judgment and punishment.

The Death Seraph is also associated with the Tarot card known as the Death Arcana. Despite its intimidating name, this card does not represent actual death but rather symbolizes change and transformation.


Zalera has become an iconic character in the Final Fantasy series, recognized for its unique design, powerful abilities, and symbolism. Its appearances have left a lasting impact on the games it appeared in, whether as an enemy or as a valuable ally. As Final Fantasy continues to evolve, we can expect to see more of Zalera’s adventures and experiences in future games.

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